The Best Ways to Grow Your Sphere of Influence

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In the real estate business, your “sphere of influence” includes all the people you know in your field and people you know personally. The idea refers to the ability of a person or group to influence events and other people in their network. In other words, the people in your connection with whom you have some sway are your SOI. Start with the hub of networking, and social media, to learn who is in your SOI. Even though a single platform won’t cover your complete SOI, it will provide you with a place to start.

Organize a list and categorize entries in each area according to the degree of influence you have upon them by dividing the list into appropriate groups such as “family,” “peers,” “clients,” etc. Afterward, go through each category and include anyone you believe fits the description, even if they are not on social media.

Let’s discuss how to grow your sphere of influence for a prosperous real estate business.

Participate In Neighborhood Gatherings

You must be present to help and develop a significant presence among people. Make it a priority to join neighborhood gatherings, society meetings, and other community events. It is how you can leave an enduring impact on the locals.

Having the support of the locals is essential for someone working in the real estate industry to succeed. People are more likely to refer you to prospective customers than other businesses when they observe that you are actively participating in the community programs and helping people in the neighborhood. They will think of you when they want to buy or sell a property because they know you are there to help and care for your client’s needs. After all, you take the time to help the people in the community. Another excellent resource for making contacts and expanding your sphere of influence is joining local real estate conventions.

Make A Portfolio Highlighting Customer Reviews

Whether you serve businesses, families, or individuals, recording satisfied clients is essential. Everyone wants to choose the most excellent option, and nothing influences decisions more than positive customer feedback or review.

Additionally, having a readily available portfolio highlighting your expertise and satisfying customer interactions will raise people’s perceptions of your company’s value. Make sure that everyone can access and understand this portfolio.

Give Thoughtful Personalized Postcards

In the real estate industry, there are no such things as trying too hard. On the contrary, building strong business relationships depends on making others feel valued.

To distinguish from the pack, send your customers something you are confident they will enjoy. People will feel like they are more than just another customer if you send them personalized postcards on significant occasions. They will remember your connection with them and are likely to refer you to a friend if you give them a meaningful and personalized postcard.

 There are, however, ways to make sending postcards a regular activity to gain and maintain solid customer relationships.


Over the past few years, a significant debate has been about using one’s sphere of influence (SOI) to advance a company. Building trusting relationships with your society, including your coworkers, classmates, friends, family, acquaintances, and clients, is a terrific idea. Your company is built on these relationships. Therefore, it’s critical to nurture them if you want to expand.

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