Best Practical Skills for Online Jobs

Practical Skills for Online Jobs
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Freelancing is one of the most common ways of self-employment today, with at least 73.3 million people working independently in the U.S. alone. One of the main appeals of freelance jobs is working from home, which has become very popular in the last few years.

Working from home has several benefits, like having more autonomy and a better life-work balance. Because they work on their own, people who work from home can choose different types of tools to work with, like using the anti-detection browsers of a smartproxy, which gives them more privacy than standard web browsers. 

Companies also benefit from freelance work since they get workers who are more motivated to produce more, and the company is also able to reduce costs related to office spaces.

However, obtaining freelance jobs can be challenging since many require particular skills that in some cases are not taught in the classroom. Remote employees have a specific mindset and discipline that allows them to work without supervision and meet deadlines while perhaps dealing with a more distracting environment.

The following are some of the most commonly required skills for online or remote jobs.

Computer Skills

Most freelance jobs require the worker to have access to a PC or laptop and a constant internet connection. If the worker knows how to use a PC regardless of their operating system, they can easily handle the software application and tools related to their work.

Unlike office workers, remote employees won’t have access to a specialized tech support staff to help them, so they need to know how to fix or deal with any issue that may occur while working.

Learning to resolve fundamental PC issues on the go can be the difference between a delay of a few minutes and an entire day of work lost to having the computer fixed.

Proficiency in Languages 

Many companies engage people with proficiency in a language to work for them as writers, translators, or teachers. While English is mostly required, knowing other languages like Spanish, Hindi or Chinese would also be helpful.

If a writer has skills in different languages, getting contracts from multiple clients will be easier. Some clients may even be open to paying more for articles or translations in less-used languages like French and Japanese.

Communication and Social Skills

Besides learning a language, it’s also essential for any freelance worker to know how to communicate well. In many instances, a freelancer will have to work via chat or video call, requiring them to use good communication skills, so the project they are involved with could go smoothly.

Social skills can also be very beneficial in the long run as a freelancer. Workers who can negotiate with clients will also have an easier time, and they will be more open to areas like Customer Support or Project Management.


Since websites and apps can be created from anywhere, software developers have become one of the most in-demand occupations, with a total of 27.7 million workers across the globe, according to Statista.

Many programmers find it easier to get regular contracts, since most programs and websites need constant maintenance and updates. 

On the other hand, some decide to invest their coding skills in creating programs or games, and sell them directly to the public or third parties. 

Programming isn’t all rainbows, though. Learning the basics of coding can take years, making it not the best option in the short term. But, if that’s not an issue, there are many free online courses and resources where you can find a coding mentor to help you learn programming languages like Phyton, C++ and JavaScript.

Video and Picture Editing

With the rise of influencers, TikTokers, and YouTubers, many creators need editors to help them focus on the content and keep their channel relevant.

The best aspect of media editing is that it requires less learning time than programming and other jobs. Anyone aspiring to start in this area can learn to use Adobe Photoshop, Media Effects, and Premier for example.

However, people who want to become editors must know that the job offer can be lower since many creators prefer to edit their content themselves rather than pay third parties. 

It’s highly recommended that those who want to work as editors start using the occupation as a side job while they find regular clients or develop skills for other jobs.

Graphic Design and Advertising

Nowadays, designers are in charge of advertising banners, illustrations, and animations. While this profession also involves editing, the jobs related to this area are far more complex and require practice, time, and knowledge. 

Those who want to work in these areas must also keep in mind that the competition is quite fierce, and they will have to promote themselves adequately to get job offers.

Research Skills

Good research skills go a long way in supporting any jobs like programming, writing, and editing. On many occasions, a remote employee will have to search around the deep ends of the internet to find resources for their videos or sources for an article. Gathering information quickly can be a game changer for some projects and tasks.

Things to Know Before Investing in a Skill

Here are some important things every worker must consider before investing their time and effort in a skill.

Choose a Comfortable Skill

Many freelancers get frustrated trying to learn a skill they don’t like, focusing solely on money. This is a mistake because even if you understand the skill and start working, you may quit if the money stops flowing.

It’s vital for workers to choose a skill they like and polish it up as much as they can. Clients will also feel more confident contracting employees who show passion in their expertise.

Accept the Risks

Learning a skill is not a guarantee of success or money. There are many instances where freelancers devote themselves to learning skills and become unable to monetize it due to low demand or high level of competition.

Don’t Be Stuck With Just One Skill

Working as a freelancer means that work won’t always be available, so it’s better to learn other skills that could help you make extra money. For example, you could work as an online writer while seeking other jobs as a video editor or programmer.

Learning a skill will only be good if the freelancer promotes himself. It’s always important to show your skills to the world and use every contact available to you. Someone you know or are connected to may be the key to the next big job.

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