Five Advantages of Encouraging Employee Wellbeing at Work

Employee Wellbeing
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Employee wellbeing is among the top impactful factors within an organization. With direct correlation to key sectors of a company such as productivity, communication, work standards, or even the company’s success itself, a top employer must never neglect the wellbeing of their workforce. Whether coming from an objective or subjective standpoint, encouraging employee wellbeing is fruitful in an organization. This article will tackle five of said advantages, as well as provide steps to enforce in order to gain these. 

200 Percent Increase in Productivity 

Productivity is directly related to an individual’s wellbeing. A well employee would have a lot of energy which directly translates to having a higher capacity for work. Productivity is at least leveled or stable when having a normal wellbeing, and when taken into a higher level; monitored, addressed and taken care of, the productivity of an employee rises as well. It is a collateral of taking care of your employee which is supposed to be a standard anyway. 

Stronger Internal Relationships 

Having encouragement for stronger employee wellbeing will produce stronger internal relationships within the company. This leads to more seamless work and stronger bonds. As the individual is taken care of, the whole will be taken care of as well. A company with strong connections internally will always be at an advantage than those who do not have this. Employees that are well have a stronger sense of being able to produce stronger relationships with fellow employees and chances are to the employer as well. 

Raised Employee Engagements 

Participation in a company’s events (small form or large form) is always beneficial as it builds a better experience within. The promotion of wellbeing inside the company will help push members to be more engaged and participate more. Employee engagements will come as employers engage in their needs as well. Caring for them will lead to them actually caring too. They will not be just workers inside the company but would actually be people if employers would treat them as one should. 

Goal Alignments 

While not everyone’s goal can be aligned ultimately, because we all have our own. With that being said, it is a powerful effect of promoting a healthy environment for an employee’s wellbeing that they align with you. This is in terms of goal or just in general at all. People like to align with someone that they care for and they are cared for. And that is the same within a working environment. Employers that promote a better wellbeing for their employees would find themselves at an advantage with having aligned goals within their company.

Team Morale Boost 

This ties back to the second point of advantage, so you might find this interesting if you found that in your interests as well. It still stands that taking care of an individual will take care of the team as a whole as well. Encouraging the wellbeing of a single employee would lead to a domino effect. The healthy atmosphere promoted by the encouragement of healthy wellbeing is felt by the whole. A lot of employers might not know this, but morale is actually contagious and transferable. While employees with negativity might affect those who do not, it goes likewise with team members that oozes with positivity. 

Why Are Employers Neglecting Their Employees’ Wellbeing? 

With statistics revealing that 89 percent of employers believe that employees leave the company because of money, when in reality people leave a workplace for much more than just money, you can tell that there is a lack of connection between the two sides. A company’s workforce is not actually just workers but people who, having empathy towards would not even hurt the slightest bit. It is more than just money, and here are some strong steps that would lead employers to a right start or actually being successful into encouraging a better wellbeing for employees. 

Conducting Small Group Sessions 

A focus group or a small group will go along the way. This is considering that employers might not have enough time to listen in to every individual, conducting this would not only be as effective but also an efficient way of listening to your employees. It encourages emp to just talk about where people are in their lives currently. It might not always be about work, and it might not always relate to it at all. But conducting sessions like this will provide a sense of assurance to employees that they cared for and they are not alone. This yields productive results as it doesn’t have to solve everyone’s problems, but it helps to have someone listen to them. 

Team Building Events 

This is a wide practice in some countries but there are actually still a lot of companies who do not conduct them. Mainly because of a needed budget, but it would actually help to invest resources in the wellbeing of employees. This is when members take their time on vacations together with the purpose of building stronger relationships. This helps to take minds off work and to focus on internal conflicts that might hinder productivity at work. This is also a great time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member with certain activities. Employers must remember that cheaping out on the wellbeing of companies might actually cost them much more than just investing the proper resources for it.

Having Leadership Programs 

Enabling programs that provide leadership to members, especially new ones to the company, will help in their onboarding process and welcoming into the company. There are a number of companies who let their new members just figure everything out on their own and this causes a lot of unnecessary stress towards members. Having to provide the resources won’t mean that they will effectively learn all of that. Having mentorship as to how to navigate those resources will go a long way, especially in making them feel that they are actually part of the company and not just another cog in a machine. 

Employers Must Work On Achieving Higher Employee Satisfaction 

Building a company involves a number of teams that members all participate and work for each other too, and that involves the employer as well. While it is true that employees are benefitting by working for an employer, an employer is benefitting from having employees that work as well. It is imperative that all parties take care of one another if they want to be on their way to success. Investing in the wellbeing of others, as well as the employer’s internal wellbeing is as beneficial as generating leads, making sales, and expanding brand reach.

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