4 Signs of a Good Security Product Provider

Image by 8photo on Freepik
Image by 8photo on Freepik

Have you ever felt unsafe while using the internet? Have you encountered suspicious activities and maybe even gotten in trouble with online threats before? You’re not alone — by 2024 around 80% of the population is predicted to tap into the world of the internet. And cybercrime is happening every 39 seconds.

It does not matter if you’re an individual seeking online safety at home or representing a whole corporation — these days, everybody should explore and adopt high-quality security measures. But how does one find a good provider of these services?  Well, there are four main signs of a respected security product provider you should look for before making a big purchase.

1. Positive Reputation

Your research should start with the provider’s reputation. Was the company able to deliver on its promises? Do other entities in the security field know of the brand you’re researching? Consider how popular and generally represented the vendor and its products are – positive feedback will be a plus to its trustworthiness.

Of course, you don’t have to opt for the biggest names in the industry – small startups deserve a chance, too. Yet, this old-school approach to picking a security provider will grant you a safer option. 

For example, if you choose a VPN, you won’t click on the first unknown option in the app store. When it comes to security, some of these applications can turn out to be threats, even if they present themselves as legitimate safety nets! So, in that situation, it’s natural that you’ll download a VPN that’s been on everyone’s lips — like on Reddit’s VPN comparison table. Its good reputation is simply a sign that the provider has passed the test of time. 

2. Customer-Oriented Approach

As much as reputation usually comes first as you research as a new provider, the security product itself should be reputable. That’s when you should look through customer reviews and see if clients are happy with their provider.

Does the company take a customer-oriented approach? Is the product easily accessible and understandable? Can you use the application when you travel? The one you’re looking for should be straightforward and have a good UI, even if it has an array of elements and functions. 

It should also:

  • Adapt to different devices. While most security products started as PC-based, the majority of providers have already come out with apps for touchscreen devices. Some have even toggled the functionality and adaptivity, letting you use one application on multiple devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. All buttons should work the same, creating a perfect space for secure browsing.
  • Give you easy access to documents. Although you’re downloading security software to safeguard yourself against malware, it’s important to check what you’re signing up for. So, finding and reading the documentation from the provider should be easy.
  • Grant you full control. Of course, not all users will go looking for the app settings as soon as they download it. Yet, more tech-savvy individuals would want to flip the switches and explore every possible detail of their new software. In that case, a good security product provider should give you full control of its apps. 
  • Be generally available. User-oriented providers are keen on inclusivity. They will do their best to ensure users around the world can purchase and utilize their products freely, be it in the U.S., Europe, or Asia. So, for example, the availability of a VPN for China should be the same as for the US. However, excluding the nations that have a tendency for online crime makes sense. That’s a sign of reputability, safety, and integrity.

3. Multitude of Features

Since internet and device usage varies in many ways, good security providers add a list of features to empower their customers in all areas possible. Did you know that computers with internet connections are attacked over 2000 times every day?

We no longer look for basic antivirus software to install on our desktop computers. Now, we need to find a company that will consider every threat found online. Moreover, the software used for attack prevention should not only detect but also maintain the structure and manage incoming issues. 

A responsible security product provider should include the following: 

  • Basic firewall protection;
  • VPN services;
  • Safeguarding against cybercrime;
  • Malware detection (both traditional and progressive ransomware).

4. General Reliability

No matter the product, you should always go for the provider that prioritizes reliability when creating security applications. But what does reliability entail? 

First of all, a good safety product will be able to work along with other software installed on your device, instead of clashing with it. When first appearing on your computer or phone, it will scan other security products there. If similar software is found, a good product will ask you whether you should uninstall the already existing one. Only then the conflicting app will install itself on the device. 

Secondly, look for a provider that comes out with systematic updates and scans your system for threats. Since malware always changes and adapts to the modifying online sphere, antivirus software should do the same. Adding new safety measures, improving security protocols, and applying continuous monitoring techniques should be a constant practice for a good security system provider. Moreover, scheduling antivirus scans is a key component of any top-tier security software.

Thirdly, pick a provider that programs its software to protect itself. It may sound redundant, but your security application is also in constant danger. For example, some malware will take advantage of the existing software and try to uninstall it. While that can happen to a security program, most antivirus software protects itself by running at a high privilege level. Hooking onto device processes is also an approach some security apps take. Thus, malware can’t pretend to be the user or administrator to kill it.

So, Pay Attention to This When Choosing a Security Product Provider…

In conclusion, a good security provider should have a year of proven positive reputation. The way it’s presented online will show that it passed the test of time. It should also come out with adaptable, accessible, and understandable software, regardless of the level of its user base. These products should be available worldwide. Additionally, a big choice of features and a high level of reliability provide users with an ever-adapting security system to cover their needs, be it general corporate safety or individual data protection.

The content published on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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