6 Ways to Streamline Your Real Estate Agent Recruiting

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For real estate recruiters, there’s always a battle going on for the best real estate agents. Every brokerage wants to hire the most talented professionals; with the job market being in favor of candidates, you should definitely work on your recruiting strategies to get noticed.

One way to do this is to simplify and streamline your recruitment process as much as possible. This will help create a smoother candidate experience, which results in a good impression of you and your brokerage. In addition, a more efficient recruitment process results in higher-quality hires. It will also enable you to make offers to your preferred candidates and get them on board more quickly.

To get you started on the path towards better real estate agent recruiting, here are some simple tips:

Use a CRM Software

As a real estate recruiter, especially when considering the dynamics of north carolina vs south carolina living, you have to handle a variety of tasks every day. From sending emails and scheduling appointments to importing leads and gathering data for analytics, things can get quickly out of hand if you don’t have a reliable way to manage your to-do list. Thankfully, this is easily solved with the help of technology.

For a straightforward real estate recruiting software that delivers results, Getbrokerkit. It comes with plenty of useful features, including integrated SMS texting, automated outreach, drip campaign templates, lead capture and segmentation, social media lookup, and more. It also has a mobile-responsive interface, multi-user configuration, as well as concierge onboarding.

The CRM software of your choice can be coupled with a contact finder tool to make the process of your recruitment easier. The contact finder tool can help you search for specific contacts based on their name, location or other criteria. It can help you quickly and easily identify potential candidates for your open positions, saving you time and energy in your search.

With a CRM in place, you’re less likely to forget details. You also have more room for tasks that require more nuance and focus, such as reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and building a sizable network as well as a talent pool.

Choose the Right Job Boards

Job boards, as “old school” as they may seem, remain to be effective channels for job ads. However, you need to be more conscientious about choosing which job boards to use. Remember: a job ad isn’t like most consumer ads, which you want to be seen by as many people as possible. Rather, a job ad is more targeted—you want a huge percentage of those who see it to be those who have the right qualifications.

That said, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using generic and niche job boards. For example, generic sites can get you more applications but you’ll have to spend more time filtering resumes. Niche job boards, on the other hand, might deliver fewer candidates but the likelihood of them meeting your requirements is high.

The key is to monitor the performance of your ads on your chosen job boards to determine which one is the “right” one for your brokerage. You should also explore from time to time, especially when new career-focused sites come up in the future.

Cut Down Multiple Interviews

The interview phase of the recruitment process is probably the most important for real estate recruitment. This is where you can better gauge an agent’s skills and personality, which are both crucial for smooth client interactions. However, interviews are understandably mentally taxing and anxiety-inducing for candidates.

As such, it’s a good idea to limit a candidate’s interview to just one (or maybe two, max). This will benefit both the applicant who will experience less stress, as well as the recruiters and hiring managers who will have more time for other tasks. Try a group interview setting with all the key people present at the same time. It’s also helpful to be more thorough when checking the candidate’s resume, so you can be as sure as you can about the quality of the people who make it to the interview stage.

Optimize for Mobile

Most people nowadays access the internet through mobile devices, so you can reliably assume that job hunters are seeing your job ads on a phone or tablet screen. Thus, you need to ensure that your content is easily viewable on these devices. Reducing the amount of text and using bulleted lists can help immensely with readability.

Make an Offer Quick

As previously mentioned, the job market over the past few years has been a candidate’s market. This means that you have to be quick to snap up a talented applicant once they come your way. If you really like a candidate and see them as a good fit for the role, send them an offer ASAP. It’s likely that they’re also considering opportunities in other companies; hesitating just one day can cost you a great addition to your team.

Many people will wait for about 10 to 14 days after the final job interview at most before they decide that you aren’t worth their patience. In fact, 14 days is already too long. If you really believe that the candidate is “the one,” don’t hesitate to extend an offer. You can iron out the kinks, if any, once they’re on board.

Keep Communication Lines Open Throughout

Finally, communication is an important component of any recruitment process. It’s even more crucial if you have a lineup of strong candidates. Be transparent with each and every one, letting them know of the status of their application and how far along they are in the recruitment process.

Constant communication is an important component of candidate engagement to create a positive experience. Even if they don’t get hired, they’d still retain a good image of the recruiter and brokerage. They may also be more open to being contacted later on for future posts, and be added to a talent pool and/or a professional network.

The bottom line here is that while the recruitment process should be thorough, it shouldn’t be complicated. By streamlining your real estate agent recruiting process, both you and the candidates will have a smoother, more productive experience.

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