8 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Real estate is a competitive business that requires hard work, expert knowledge, and self-promotion. To succeed, agents must stand above the crowd, be noticed and leverage the latest digital technology to remain relevant.

Video marketing is essential for generating leads and advertising listings. The better the video, the more eyes it attracts. We live in a new world of viewable content consumed online like never before, so gaining exposure is one of the best ways to increase your business.

Your real estate business will grow and succeed when you start using video effectively. However, it’s crucial to keep your online content fresh and engaging. Are you interested in video marketing but need help knowing where to start?

Here are some great video ideas for real estate agents.

Agent Introduction

An introduction is an excellent place to start because you want to get your name out there. More importantly, this video puts a face to that name. Using video to introduce yourself creates a personal connection and allows people to see and hear you. You can review your background, the real estate areas you specialize in, and the services you provide.

Hire a corporate video production company to ensure the quality is polished. Upon completion, this introduction video can be used across all your digital content and platforms. It should be reposted quarterly to engage with new followers and updated to include new information, awards, and achievements.

Market Updates

Buyers and sellers always look for the best time to move, and you can inform them. Utilize video to provide regular updates on the housing market. This is a way to educate people rather than sell to them, and you will establish yourself as an expert and knowledgeable authority.

Being a dynamic resource for people is key when making big life decisions like timing real estate transactions.

Property Tours

This is a common video use, but not all realtors do it. Having a video tour of your listings brings people into your homes without leaving their couches, and this type of digital tour is convenient and attractive.

Only some people can look at multiple properties, so video is a vital tool to give clients more access to properties. Then, they can narrow their search before even leaving their home.

Buying and Selling Tips

People love how-to videos, and when looking to buy or sell a home, they want advice and help long before approaching a real estate agent. Video is a great tool for teaching and informing. Once created, it can live digitally and be accessed repeatedly.

A first-time buyer is someone who is looking to enter the market for the first time. They can be a valuable educational resource, from how to get a mortgage to the importance of a home inspection.

A potential client looking to sell needs to know what to expect and how the process works with a realtor. Understanding the benefits a professional brings will also help them see why it’s often a better choice than selling on their own.

These videos can be sent to your email list, posted on your website, and shared across various social media platforms. They are a free service that helps people and establishes you as a trusted real estate professional.

Client Testimonials
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Client Testimonials

Giving potential customers access to your clients’ experiences is vital for showing your competence as a real estate agent. This builds trust and credibility as it demonstrates your ability to meet the needs of those you work with.

After you close deals with your clients, ask if they could provide a testimonial to add to your website. Make sure it is convenient for them, either in your office or at home. Use a professional media company to capture the footage so it is done professionally. Guide them through the interview so you get what you need.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool as it proves your skills and reliability. Make a montage of the different testimonials and post them on your site and social media accounts.

Real Estate Investment Advice

Investing in real estate is on everyone’s minds, with countless potential investors seeking tips and strategies. Consider making videos that advise on picking profitable properties, understanding market trends, and managing finances for your investments. Giving helpful tips shows you know your stuff, drawing in clients who want to buy investment properties.

Your videos could walk people through real-life examples of good investments. You could chat with investors who’ve been around the block and tour properties ripe for investment. Sharing knowledge on how to get the best returns and handle rental properties well cements your status as a go-to expert.

Community Spotlights

Focusing on neighbourhoods with homes you’re selling is a smart move to catch homebuyers’ interest. Make videos that celebrate everything from local schools to parks, showcasing what makes living there great. These community highlights let buyers picture themselves in the neighbourhood, not just the home.

Sit down with local business owners, be part of neighbourhood events, and film all the places people love to visit. These videos do more than sell houses — they tie you closer to the area and burnish your reputation as the real estate pro who really knows their turf.

Virtual Open Houses

Virtual events have taken off like wildfire, making them a hit strategy for showcasing homes. Host virtual open houses to let buyers tour homes live or at their leisure, casting a wider net for your audience.

When you run a virtual open house, guide viewers through each part of the home, point out what makes it special, and answer their questions immediately if you’re live. This type of engaging look inside can reel in buyers, making them eager to see it all in person.

With all your video content, make sure it is high-quality, with great equipment, excellent audio, and professional footage capture. This is best done with the services of a media company familiar with producing marketing and promotional video content. They will have expert team members who know how to get the best footage and edit it to make the most impact for you.

The content published on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, health or other professional advice.

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