Best Human Resource Certification Programs for HR Aspirants

Best Human Resource Certification Programs for HR Aspirants
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Handling the existing workforce is not as easy as it sounds. Since Generation Z is entering the corporate world, the structure of the organizations is also changing. Generally, employees are wary of employers, which is why they follow the organizational practices quite religiously. However, the current workforce has shifted their perspective and employers are wary of employees. Human Resources professionals work hard to keep their employees happy and satisfied, or else it would lead to a high employee turnover or employee dissatisfaction.

Since the job market is filled with opportunities, keeping your employees loyal to the company is one of the most difficult tasks. Employees can instantly leave the company and join other organizations to grasp new opportunities and increase their experience level. Therefore, attracting and retaining employees for a longer period is one of the crucial tasks of HR personnel.

Not only this, the HR professionals also have to stay updated and relevant to the current industry trends and practices. To handle all of this simultaneously, HR professionals constantly need to expand their knowledge and enhance their skill set. One of the most effective ways to do this is by pursuing certified courses. Online certifications not only increase an individual’s knowledge, but the complex course content also helps them implement that knowledge practically. 

Top Human Resource Certification Programs

As said earlier, HR certification programs are credentials that Human Resources professionals use to enhance their careers. These programs help them demonstrate their expertise to employers and keep them updated with the latest HR-related laws and policies. The following is a list of professional HR certification programs that you can consider:

Golden State University Human Resource Management

Golden State University Human Resource Management is one of the top Human Resource Management programs available online. It offers various courses through which HR aspirants can learn to understand and deal with the problems that could potentially come up in the ever-changing Human Resources industry.

Candidates also tend to learn good personnel management techniques and people analytics along with organizational structures and skill sets. The options for accessing the courses are flexible, however, the timelines are set, therefore, you must make sure you have plenty amount of time to dedicate to these professional-level courses.

Price: $600 per course (15 courses required for certification)

Duration: 1 term

Exam Required: Yes. Can be accessed online or in San Francisco if you are local.

Hours of Instruction: Various depending on the module

Eligibility Requirements: Various depending on the module of selection

Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP) by HRAcademia

HRAcademia’s CTDP-Online is for those HR professionals who want to lead the change in organizations. This online HR certification exam is specifically designed to meet the needs of human resource professionals engaged in Training & Development throughout the world while adopting a universal perspective concerning the HR discipline.

After becoming an authorized CTDP, candidates will earn a specialized credential focused on the role of the business leader and the skills needed to manage a business and training performance. After completing the certified course, candidates will gain new tools and abilities to demonstrate their expertise in training management and to push their career in training and development to the next level.

Price: $249

Duration: 26 weeks

Exam Required: Yes. Computer-Based Testing

Hours of Instruction: Various depending on the module

Eligibility Requirements: Fresh HR candidate and a high school diploma

The Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR)

AIHR offers an entire online library of HR certification programs and courses. The main focus of AIHR is to future-proof your HR skill set, therefore, they have put together packages of learning materials so that you can complete them at your speed. AIHR gives students the autonomy to choose either multiple programs or hone in on one specialty area. The 12 HR certificate programs that AIHR offers include:

  • Organizational Development
  • HR Manager
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • People Analytics 
  • Digital HR 2.0
  • HR Business Partner 2.0
  • HR Metrics and Dashboarding
  • Learning and Development
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR Generalist
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning

Price: $997 per course or $1,797 if candidates enroll in the Academy

Duration: 12 months

Exam Required: Unknown

Hours of Instruction: 30 to 40 hours per certification program

Eligibility Requirements: Anyone can apply. No experience needed

McMaster Human Resources Management Program

McMaster University provides candidates with a wide variety of options in the field of Human Resources, including four separate three-course certifications and a single diploma degree. Many of these courses are approved by the Human Resources Professional Association and can be applied towards a CHRP or CHRL certification. McMaster uses a virtual classroom system and helps build skills in HR management, talent planning and acquisition, occupational health and safety, and intercultural competence and communication. 

Price: $59 non-refundable application fee + $700 to 800 per course

Duration: Each certification course can be completed in 4 months

Exam Required: No

Hours of Instruction: Approximately 36 hours per course

Eligibility Requirements: Have an O.S.S. Diploma or be a mature student

Calgary University Human Resources Management Certificate

The University of Calgary’s Certificate in Human Resources Management is a 300-hour program that consists of three required courses and up to 13 additional electives, all including a certificate. This certification program is perfect for those who are looking to learn the basics of Human Resources or who are preparing for the CHRP designation. Courses like Conflict Management, Employee Benefits, and Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment are just a few of the electives that a candidate can choose of their interest and develop a niche within the program.

Price: $105 application fee + $5400 tuition fees

Duration: Can complete the certificate in approximately 4 months to 1 year

Exam Required: Unknown

Hours of Instruction: 300 hours

Eligibility Requirements: 18 years of age and a Grade 12 diploma


Since the HR industry is quite competitive, obtaining top HR certificates may help you advance more quickly in the field!

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