How to Personalize Video Marketing for Enhanced Sales Through UX

Personalize Video Marketing for Enhanced Sales
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Personalization makes people feel understood and creates a strong marketing message that engages them. Combining it with video marketing can drive sales and create a better user experience (UX). 

Videos are much easier to absorb than text alone. Businesses can use them to share details consumers most want to know in a quick format most will understand. However, the video must speak to the needs of each person, or it will fall flat. Here are ways to embrace good UX practices and improve sales through video marketing.

1. Know and Segment Your Audience

There are around 5.44 billion internet users globally, and 62% of them are on social media. Without a firm grasp of your target audience, you risk spending a lot of marketing dollars advertising to the wrong people. 

Dig into who your customers are and add research on consumers with similar interests. Segment your mailing lists and intended viewers into segments that make the most sense for your brand. You might have buyer personas representing your youngest customers and loyal, long-term patrons. 

2. Ensure Data Is Accurate

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) mean you can sift through massive amounts of data and create reports showing who is most likely to respond positively to your videos.

Plug everything you’ve collected into the AI algorithm and ask your programs to keep learning as your audience engages with your content. Your customer relationship management methods will grow through ML, and you’ll know the type of videos your target audience responds to best. 

The only way to make videos successful and get a good return on investment (ROI) is to feed AI the correct data and use its lightning-fast analysis to gather valuable insights. 

Communicate With Your Video Production Team
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3. Communicate With Your Video Production Team

Better communication skills are the secret to staying on track with video production and lessening mistakes. One person on the team might have a vision for the script, while another analyzes customers and has another view.

The team should hold brainstorming sessions before anyone starts creating a video or making changes to target an audience segment. Hash out any disagreements and see what new ideas come forward to make the best video imaginable. 

4. Personalize Video Thumbnails

First impressions matter online just as much as in person. Since you are competing with companies globally when loading content to your site or social media, you must ensure your video is knowledgeable and helpful. 

Start by selecting relevant content. What questions does your sales department repeatedly get from potential clients? Answer those questions in a video and you’ll see an engaged audience that is happy to have an immediate response without waiting for you to answer their emails. 

Make Videos Interactive
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5. Make Videos Interactive

One of the best ways to engage people is by making videos interactive. You can encourage them to participate by adding features such as quizzes, polls, and clickable links. Adding various options lets the user drive their own story and move through the sales funnel at a pace that’s comfortable for them. 

Interactive videos might include clickable hotspots, prompts to pause the video and complete a task, or clickable links to web pages. 

6. Tap Into the Power of Dynamic Content

Advertising in digital media may change in the coming months. Google plans to stop using cookies in 2024, which has many advertisers concerned about how on-target marketing on the platform might be. In addition, TikTok mentioned it may end sales ads. While it’s unlikely they’ll completely ban video advertising, marketers will likely pay a premium to sell through the platform in the future. 

You’ll likely need to make your marketing dollars count more than ever before. Dynamic content is one way to deliver exactly what most speaks to each customer. Create buyer personas and provide the right video to the right audience to increase conversions. 

Platforms like Facebook offer an excellent opportunity to run A/B testing with varied ads and see what gives you the best ROI. 

7. Use Video Sales Calls

Another idea for personalizing video marketing is more time-consuming but highly effective. Imagine you sell a high-end item, such as a luxury car. A potential buyer expresses interest, so you hop on a video conference call and pitch an offer. You might still utilize bits and pieces from marketing videos, but you also give them a dedicated salesperson to whom they can ask questions.

You could also create a marketing video and change the opening for each person who contacts you, adding details such as their name, business, or how your product or service can meet their needs.

Improving UX

Determining the best methods to improve video UX is challenging. You must know your customers and how they interact with your current marketing efforts. Reach out to them and ask for their input. Send them a survey. Pay attention to their concerns and do your best to improve video marketing so they feel engaged and like they’re more than just another sales figure to conquer. Minor improvements can lead to significant returns that make your company thrive.

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