How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair Loss

How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair Loss
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Pumpkin seed oil is considered to have the ability to nourish hair. Due to its high phytosterol and nutritional content, pumpkin seed oil has several advantages for hair. This oil from plants helps stop hair loss and encourages hair growth. What does research suggest, though? Are there any negative effects of the oil? This article will go into great detail regarding this oil. Continue reading to know all about it!

What Science Says About Pumpkin Oil Use for Hair Loss

Scientific theories back up the use of pumpkin seed oil to stop hair loss however, none have been conclusively demonstrated in the investigations to date. 

2014 saw the publication of a key study on pumpkin seed oil and hair loss. This research on a plant-based hair growth alternative may be the most thorough. Men with pattern baldness were given either pumpkin seed supplements or a placebo in the trial. According to the findings, supplement users grew their hair 30% more than those who received a placebo.

Was there a catch?

These results propelled pumpkin seed oil to the list of all-natural hair growth stimulants. However, there were a few gaps in the research and some incorrect inferences: 

  • In the study, pumpkin seeds weren’t examined separately. They were evaluated as the sole ingredient in a supplement with many ingredients. This featured tomato powder, mixed vegetable powder, evening primrose powder, corn silk powder, octacosanol (a plant wax), and other powdered vegetables. 
  • The study was brief, limited, and limited to men. Women were not included in the test group, and less than 100 men received the supplement over 24 weeks. Over a longer period or for women, supplementing with pumpkin seeds has not shown any negative side effects.

Other theories

Despite its high caliber, the study failed to establish that pumpkin seed oil was responsible for the advantages. Results, however, continued to be positive. This implies that pumpkin seed oil minimizes enhanced hair development. It also means that more research will be required to define its function. 

Pumpkin seed oil’s phytosterols stimulate hair development, which is one scientific idea for how the seed prevents hair loss. Many plants contain sterols called phytosterols – similar to cholesterols, but with mainly advantageous health effects. Phytosterols inhibit the hormones and enzymes in your scalp that lead to hair loss. Therefore, pumpkin seed oil rich in phytosterols may be beneficial. 

Studies on several organic substances, including phytosterols, supported this notion. This contains a 2017 study on omega-3 fatty acids with plant-based oils high in phytosterols. A 2016 study demonstrated that saw palmetto functioned similarly.

Methods of Using Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair Growth

You can use pumpkin seed oil as a natural hair growth stimulant in several ways.

Pumpkin seed oil supplements

Supplements containing pumpkin seed oil are typically offered as oil gel capsules. When using a supplement containing pumpkin seed oil, follow the guidelines on the label. A 1000 mg capsule is the typical dosage. You can ingest one or two of them roughly three times daily after each meal. 

Keep in mind that the FDA does not regulate supplements. The dosage and quality can change. For safety, make sure only to purchase supplements from trusted sellers. Stop taking supplements immediately if you feel stomach discomfort or symptoms of a food allergy. Before utilizing supplements, always talk with your doctor.

Pumpkin seed oil

You could also apply pure pumpkin seed oil. Three times a day and between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon. Straight pumpkin seed oil is sold for health in various supplement formulations. If you’re using one of these, follow the instructions on the label. 

Again, the FDA does not regulate dietary supplement oils. Both quality and dosage differ. Always make sure to buy your supplements from a reputable supplier. 

Like olive oil, pumpkin seed oils are also sold for cooking. These can be utilized somewhat similarly but have not received as much research. Due to their production procedure, they may also be less rich in phytonutrients. Remember that the smoke point of the pumpkin seed oil is low. It shouldn’t be utilized in hot environments. As a result, utilizing pumpkin seed oil in cooking as a supplement could not be trustworthy.

Topical pumpkin seed oil

You can also use pumpkin seed oils on your scalp for therapeutic purposes. The ideal way to treat your hair with them is with hot oil, possibly just once a week or a month. Otherwise, over time, your hair could get overly oily. 

Below are instructions for an avocado hot oil hair treatment but you can just as easily substitute avocado oil for pumpkin seed oil. 

  • Shampoo your hair like normal. Avoid putting product in hair afterward. 
  • Using a double boiler, warm the pumpkin seed oil gently. To ensure the oil isn’t too hot, test a few drips on the inside of your wrist. 
  • Massage heated oil onto your scalp while your hair is wet. Keep in mind that the pumpkin seed oil should be pleasantly warm.
  • Once applied, use a towel to cover your hair and head. Wear the wrap while sitting for at least 20 minutes. 
  • Then, shampoo, condition, and style after removing the towel.

Any Side Effects of Pumpkin Seed Oil?

Pumpkin seed oil is not known to pose any health risks when used as intended. It appears from anecdotal evidence that the oil can be safely ingested in addition to its use in topical applications. There is a lack of information available regarding its adverse effects. In addition, there is a shortage of studies on pumpkin seed oil’s effects on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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