Eight Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Storytelling Online

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As a content creator, your objective should be to tell great stories. Whether you’re creating videos, blogs, or simply telling a story through images, creativity and passion are paramount to increasing your followers and expanding your brand. We’ve got eight surefire ways to improve your storytelling and make your brand soar to new heights. So pay attention because here they are. 

Be Passionate About What You Create

Nothing can substitute true passion for what you do. And no, you can’t simply generate fake passion out of thin air—it has to be authentic. Ask yourself why you do what you do, how it helps people, and in what ways it improves the lives of others. What got you started? What is your main objective? Incorporate these truths into your storytelling and make sure your goals for your audience are clearly communicated in all your content. 

Understand Who Your Audience Is

You simply cannot separate yourself from your core audience. Customers or viewers want to feel that you’re in their corner. That’s why the term “family-owned business” has become such a massive marketing strategy these days: People want to feel like your equal, not just your customer. Find ways to affiliate yourself with your audience and make them want to be a part of your “tribe.”  

Solve Problems and Answer Questions

Good storytelling should spark curiosity and answer it in a satisfactory way. This can be done by posing questions that people want to know. YouTube videos with high viewership are often titled with questions that get people thinking and make them click. They possess stories that depict excellent script writing and authenticity. By solving problems and answering questions, you’re setting yourself up as a trustworthy brand that is authoritative in your field. 

Set Your Brand Apart

Too many businesses focus too much on brand awareness and not enough on why their brand is different to their competitors. This is one of those “the best defense is a good offense” situations. In this case, making sure you set yourself apart from others in your industry doubles up as a brand awareness strategy that actually persists and stands out. Don’t just tell people what you do; persuade them that you do it better than anyone else!

Use an Active Voice and Incorporate Emotion

Even YouTubers who showcase their gaming online know that without a good story, their channel will remain stagnant and boring. This is true for bloggers and business owners, too. Emotion plays a big part in connecting with your audience, and using an active voice will go a long way to generate brand loyalty among your content consumers. Use writers who understand the psyche of your audience and avoid generating fact-based content through AI or cheap writing methods. 

Dedicate Yourself to a Series

Generating a series is a great way to create continuation. The reason people enjoy watching television series’ more than movies is because they’re addicted to the intrigue and consistency of the story they are being told. You too can use this model of storytelling by creating a series of stories that form one large story, which ultimately satisfies your viewership.  

Be Transparent When Engaging with Your Audience

For YouTubers, it’s responding to comments. For bloggers, it’s writing content that speaks to problems or questions your audience is posing. For companies, it may be approaching complaints and criticism with a professional demeanor. Whatever your brand platform might be, be sure to engage constantly with those who give you feedback. This not only gives off a sense of honesty & transparency, but also assures others that your brand is a trustworthy one. 

Involve Your Success Stories Into Your Storytelling

Reminding your audience of past successes is a great way to expand your storytelling and involve them at the same time. It may be a client who benefited greatly from your content. It may also be a video that generated more views than you were expecting. Whatever the case, be sure to talk about your past successes and especially how those successes were shared by others who form part of your audience. 

Final Thoughts

Without storytelling your brand identity will become flat and unappealing. It’s not just about keeping your current audience happy; it’s about growing that audience and getting them to talk about your brand to others. Social sharing is one of the strongest weapons you have to make your company successful, so take full advantage of it and keep sharing in mind whenever you tell your brand’s story. 

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