Mastering SEO: What Are the 9 Different Types of Backlinks?

Mastering SEO: What Are the 9 Different Types of Backlinks?
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It has long been known that establishing backlinks with authoritative and established websites usually has a positive impact on your search results ranking.

Google’s algorithm views these backlink qualities in a positive light and that is why it pays to use the best link building services to get featured prominently in search results.

The reason that backlinks are considered so important is mainly because they are considered positive votes for the quality and credibility of your website. Let’s take a look at the different types of backlinks that can help you achieve your marketing aims.

When you write an article or produce an infographic this is referred to as editorial backlinks.

Your aim should be to create interesting and informative content that people will be happy to share. A backlink embedded in the article is a great way to improve your search engine ranking and helps generate increased website traffic.

Guest blogging needs to be in your SEO plans

Guest blogging outreach is also a highly effective SEO tool, and the same scenario applies where you supply quality content with a natural link embedded in the content.

It is important to guest blog on respected sites with good authority so that you enhance your credentials and Google’s algorithm takes a positive view.

Another opportunity to take advantage of would be when you create digital business profiles. Listing these details on social networks and other useful platforms often allows you the chance to link back to your website.

Free-tool backlinks are an excellent way of getting extra backlinks. The idea is simple enough, you provide a free version of some software, for example, which you could market to companies so that they put them on their site with a backlink.


Another backlink opportunity to consider would be to use webinars. Websites are often happy to put them on their sites. That allows you to link back to your own site in return for providing this content.

Don’t forget the bio

Some sites don’t let you put an embedded link in your guest post. You could still get a backlink if they let you include this in your author’s bio section, which many sites agree to.

It often happens that industry events publish acknowledgements for any contributions made. A backlink could be embedded in this acknowledgment.

Create a badge program

Badge backlinks have a lot of potential but are not always used as much as they should be. When a company receives an award or other recognition, they are often pleased to display this on its website.

You can get a link back to your website from that badge.

It can often be the case that when you leave a comment on a blog article, you will be permitted to provide a link back to your website.

Done in the right way and with a focus on quality, this can be a great way of boosting traffic.

Backlinks are an essential and integral aspect of your SEO tactics. How many of these backlinks are you taking advantage of?

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