What Are The Best Co-Parenting Apps and Resources?

Co-Parenting Apps
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After going through the tumultuous event of a divorce, it can seem impossible to navigate the challenges of co-parenting at first.

Especially if you have a former spouse that can be difficult to work or cooperate with. 

Some main challenges of co-parenting include differences on discipline, communication boundaries, and financial inequality between households. 

However, one of the main solutions to overcome these challenges are applications that you can use on your phone to track everything. 

It can be used to track all communication between parents, various expenses, and even events such as field trips and doctors appointments. 

But with so many parenting apps to choose from, what is the best one for your situation? Let’s find out. 

Why Are Co-Parenting Apps Important?

Before diving into which apps are the best for you, it’s important to recognize why these applications are important. 

When embarking on the challenges of shared custody, there needs to be an open line of communication between both parents. And it needs to be documented as well. 

Too often with text messages, communication can be difficult, but with a proper parenting application, every conversation can be documented properly with no hassle. 

In addition, your shared expenses can be tracked as well, such as doctors appointments, birthday parties, and extracurricular activities. By having these expenses documented, it can track whether one or both parents are paying child support in a timely manner. 

Lastly, having a shared app can help you have a shared calendar for custody. For instance, if you have custody of your children from Monday to Thursday, you can plan out every appointment, as well as what activities you plan on doing with your kids. 

For example, if you plan on taking your children to a trampoline park on one of those days, you can add that to the shared calendar so your former spouse knows. 

There might be a case where your ex may not be okay with this activity, and she opts for something else instead. You might disagree, but instead you may take your children to an arcade or Chuck E. Cheese. 

By having a centralized schedule between both parents, there can be better communication, while also ensuring that both parents are on the same page regarding the child’s best interests. 

The Best Co-Parenting Tools

Now, here are the best co-parenting tools that you can use regularly. 

1. OurFamilyWizard

The first and most popular co-parenting application is OurFamilyWizard. This is an application that helps separated parents manage child custody schedules and vital information for co-parenting properly. 

OurFamilyWizard is also the most common application that is used in the family courts. For example, if there is one spouse that refuses to pay for child support, that is all documented and it can be used as evidence in a court of law. 

If that situation or another arises, it can be used to determine certain aspects of co-parenting, such as child custody schedules and how much child support to pay. 

OurFamilyWizard also offers affordable payment plans that can be paid out over the course of a year or on a monthly schedule. 

Furthermore, their proprietary technology, known as ToneMeter, can sense a parent’s tone when they are angry with each other. For example, if a parent is angry about tardiness, it can sense whether a message is aggressive or passive in tone. 

A message of “Why are you always so late” can be perceived as aggressive, and the app can help point that out to the parent sending out the message.

Therefore, these tools can help both parents be the best version of themselves, while focusing on their wellbeing at the same time. 

2. Cozi Family Organizer

The next tool that is incredibly popular among parents is Cozi. Although it is not specific to those who are having challenges co-parenting, it is a great way to keep track of everything in one schedule. 

If there’s one aspect of family life that is common, it is that everyone is crazy busy. There’s an insurmountable amount of family activities that can happen, such as dance recitals and school plays, as mentioned previously. 

This tool can also be helpful when putting together everything from shared birthday gifts & parties, vet appointments, and even family trips.

3. 2Houses

2Houses is an application that is used by more than 249,976 families worldwide. 

It operates similarly to most other co-parenting apps, since it offers a calendar, shared expenses, and messages to keep between both parents. However, some additional features include the information bank, which includes features such as bank info, medical information, and shared documents. 

These features are all on the same portal, so it is easy to access without the hassle of using multiple different applications at once.

4. App Close

App close is an app that is recommended by both parents and professionals, since it allows one to have video calls with both parents. 

It can also keep track of how much time one child is spending with the other parent on a call, while also documenting everything at the same time. It can show you how many received calls have been attempted by an ex-spouse while also allowing you to block these calls at the same time. 

This same application also allows tamper-proof messaging, which does not give unauthorized access to anyone who tries to use this application on their own, without someone’s permission. 

Counseling and Support Resources

While it’s important to use these applications to your advantage, you also need to prioritize other resources that can help during this difficult time.

Some people that can also help include family therapists, support groups, or even Facebook groups for single mothers or fathers in your same situation. 

If you’re in a place where your former spouse is unwilling to cooperate with court orders or if child support is being unpaid, it might be in your best interest to seek advice from someone who specializes in this field. 

As one single parent states: “When I was going through a divorce, it was one of the hardest times of my life. My ex-spouse wanted full custody of the kids, but I wanted to protect my rights in the right way. I then got in touch with an experienced family lawyer in Denver, Colorado, as their expertise helped me receive equal custody of my kids”. 

As stated from the single parent, an attorney who focuses on family law matters can help you protect your rights, while also protecting the interests of your children. 

Lawyers who specialize in the field of family law can use all the documentation from these applications and argue it to a judge in court. Keep in mind that if you have to go to court for child support matters, your legal fees will be higher, but the rights you have will be protected. 

Focus On Using These Tools To Your Advantage Today

If you end up using a co-parenting app, keep in mind that there are numerous advantages, which can be used in the best interest of you, your former spouse, and your children. 

The best co-parenting apps are as follows: 

1. OurFamilyWizard

2. Cozi

3. 2Houses

4. App Close

By using any of these following apps, that can help you grant flexibility and equitable access to your children in a simple manner. Although the cost of these apps may be high at first, it can be worth it in the long run if it helps you be the best parent possible for your children.

The content published on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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