5 TikTok Feed Plugins For WordPress With Huge Potential In 2023

5 TikTok Feed Plugins For WordPress With Huge Potential In 2023
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Are you a WordPress user? Are you looking for the simplest way to make your WordPress website more lively? Want to join the bandwagon of adding TikTok widget to website? If you answered any of the questions as YES, then, you have arrived at the right place.

With over 800 million monthly users and an influx of new users daily make, TikTok top the list of marketers utilizing the platform for advertising. TikTok primarily being a short video platform that allows its users to create content using trendy music and various beauty filters to engage and amuse the viewers. The users can also collaborate with influential and popular faces to increase and boost the engagement and reach of their TikTok videos.

Being among the fastest-growing application in the internet space, TikTok has made its prominent presence, which leverages the need for brand advertisers to embed TikTok widget on their websites to steer more traffic to their sites. The application is available for Android and iOS users, making it convenient.

With TikTok’s enormous popularity and huge user base, advertisers can choose to embed its colorful, vibrant, and intriguing feeds onto their pages to cater to an extensive group of users. For easing the process, WordPress users have ample plugins that helps them to ease this process, and we have listed some of the best for you below.

Best TikTok Feed Plugin That Equips You With TikTok Widget

If you’re looking for smart and stupendous TikTok feed plugins for the WordPress website, this article has covered you. These plugins would help you curate and embed your desired TikTok videos onto the site and increase its reach among the masses, effectively decreasing the website’s bounce rate.

#1. TikTok Feed Plugin by Tagembed:

One of the prominent tools in the league is Tagembed TikTok Plugin. It comes with amazing and unique customization features on templates, colors, layouts, and sizes. Also, a content moderation panel with a profanity filter helps the user segregate and filter between relevant and inappropriate content published on the page.

From a price point of view, Tagembed stands apart from its competitors as it supports affordable pricing, and the free trial option is also very efficient. It also provides considerate and genuine customer service to make the process even more convenient.

#2. WP TikTok Feed:

Then on the list is the WordPress TikTok feed. Users can successfully add videos from this social media platform to their websites with just a few simple and easy steps. This plugin also comes with the handy features of size moderation and Video Popups along with different and vibrant templates to choose from and create a top-notch browsing experience for the website visitors. 

From the pricing standard, a plugin is a feasible option as the developers need not purchase the premium plan because all important features are available in the free trial pack.

#3. TikTok advertising Pixel:

The social media platform TikTok provides a unique HTML code that can be further utilized to generate pixels when the user registers on the TikTok advertising platform. These plugins’ sole purpose or motive is to advertise TikTok heavily as a marketable platform. Though the platform is free of cost, it relies on high technical expertise and coding knowledge, making it a little difficult for users from a non-technical background.

#4. Embedded Block TikTok:

Going by the name itself, the plugin helps the user embed TikTok videos block to the Block editor, making it extremely easy. This can be done just by simply adding black to a page or post and then pasting the URL. This plugin is simple to operate and does not require special coding knowledge. This plugin is very suitable for use.

#5. Quadlayer’s TikTok feed widget:

Another interesting and user-friendly plugin has to be Quadlayer’s TikTok feed widget. The tool also helps integrate TikTok videos with hashtags and handles. The tool allows the user to have multiple customizable options, and its user-friendly interface makes it among the few frequently selected options. However, the user might have to purchase the premium plan to get access to exclusive features.

Aspects You Should Consider Before Choosing A Plugin:

Let’s shed some light on some insights on what developers should keep in mind while selecting the best suitable plugins for the website.

a. Caters to specifications and needs:

To begin with, in the segregation process, one must consider what they are looking for and what they expect the plugin to perform for them. Every website caters to different needs, and the specifications required for each of them are different the web developers should stick to the plugin that best suits their needs.

b. The responsiveness and loading time of the plugin:

If the loading time of a plugin is slow and does lag a bit, then it is ideal not to opt for a plugin like this. Because on the internet, space-time can make a huge difference in creating and destroying a website’s addictiveness and performance in totality. If a visitor opens a website on any available device, say a smartphone or laptop, and if the website fails to respond and adapt to the screen and starts to slow down, the visitor will, with immediate effect, close it.

c. The price policy and Fermium :

While shopping for a plugin, one must consider its pricing policy for upgrading to a premium plan. And can the free signup scheme be sufficient to embed the TikTok widget? Some plugins might also offer a fermium plan, which can be a good alternative as it gives access to some very similar operations to a premium plan.

d. Support and upgrade quotient:

Another important aspect to look at before buying a plugin plan is that it provides and supports adequate and required changes that are essential for the operation of the website functionally.

If the chosen plugin does not support the latest advancement, it might make the website vulnerable and incomprehensible.

e. Management and reputation of the plugin:

The TikTok feed wordpress plugin should be easily manageable at all possible locations, highly reputed, and have a security wall against hackers online. The plugin’s reputation should not be dicey in terms of performance and protection of the firewall of the website. It is also recommended that the buyers should consider reading all the comments thoroughly. Be it in positive light or negative, it will provide a good insight into the plugin.

Final Word

We can conclude that TikTok, a blooming and popular platform among the masses, makes it a favorable choice for marketers to opt to advertise on it. Also, they can choose to embed these interesting and entertaining TikTok videos on their websites to steer more traffic. Thus this can be done using these above-mentioned stupendous plugins!

The content published on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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