Custom screening processes for businesses — Why might your business require them?

Custom screening processes for businesses
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Getting the perfect employees for your business is one of the most important things you can do. These people will literally be the deciding factor in your organisation’s success, carrying out a range of specialist roles.

Screening those employees, to ensure that no one who could damage your business gets in, can be incredibly important. While that screening process will differ from industry to industry – let’s explore why your business might need one.

Regulatory compliance

One of the most important reasons why you might need to use custom screening processes is to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. A range of different industries, including healthcare, childcare, and finance have strict requirements when it comes to carrying out things like criminal background checks. You need to be certain that the screening processes you’re using are in line with those regulations, potentially by using the assistance of a specialist provider such as Personnel Checks.

Areas that require high-security

Another collection of industries that require a custom screening process are those which require high levels of security, such as defence contractors and information technology companies. Data breaches in these areas can be catastrophic, meaning that businesses have a legal duty to ensure that they take as many preventative measures as possible. These kinds of clearance checks will often be highly specialised, and controlled by stringent regulations.

Vulnerable individuals

Pretty much any line of work that involves contact with vulnerable individuals, such as certain adults or children, will require custom screening processes such as standard or enhanced DBS checks. These are to ensure that no one is hired who could potentially take advantage of these vulnerable individuals, making sure that no unnecessary harm could come to them. 

Specialised roles

It can also often be necessary to adopt specialised screening processes if you’re looking to fill a highly specialised role. Verifying the suitability of candidates for roles such as these can be very tricky; it’s possible that no one who’s currently in your business will know enough about the area to know what kind of questions to ask, turning it into a difficult process. It may be necessary to seek the assistance of other experts in the field, so that they can help you to ensure that you attract the right kind of talent with the appropriate skillset and experience.

Global hiring issues

While it’s relatively easy to conduct criminal background checks on domestic workers using DBS checks, with international candidates, it can be a little more difficult. DBS checks only include information on a national level – to screen international candidates, you’ll need to learn about the specific systems of their home country, in multiple areas from education to criminal law. All of this needs to be done in a highly sensitive manner, which can be somewhat difficult at times. 

Custom screening processes may seem like a hassle, but they’re an essential part of attracting the right talent to help your business grow. It’s worth putting in the effort in the long run, to build your organisation on the right kinds of talent that you can depend on.

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