How to Use Amazon’s Best Seller Rank to Increase Sales

Amazon's Best Seller Rank
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The Best Seller Rank or BSR, often known as the Amazon sales rank, displays the relative sales success of products within a category. Most Amazon product pages’ product details section has information about sales rank. Sales rank is applied differently by sellers than it is by buyers. The lower the number, the quicker it will sell, therefore sellers look at it to determine how quickly an item will sell on Amazon. So, let’s know how to use the Best Seller Rank to increase sales on Amazon.

What Is Amazon’s Best Seller Rank?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank, often known as BSR, is a ranking assigned to products on Amazon based on how many orders they received in comparison to similar products during a specified period of time.

For Amazon Sellers and their products, Amazon BSR is a crucial metric. Understanding the Amazon Best Seller Rank can help you choose products more wisely and increase your sales.

Why is Amazon’s sales rank important?

For the purpose of rating products on its website, Amazon employs its own algorithm. Amazon’s algorithm, though, differs significantly from Google’s.

Amazon withholds the specifics of how its algorithm functions. Although this frustrates vendors, who can see why, it makes sense because Amazon does not want sellers to figure out their algorithm and game the system.

However, we do know that their ranking system takes into account Amazon’s sales rank. This is also logical. Amazon wants to display the top-selling products to users when they conduct product searches.

How is Amazon’s Best Seller Rank Calculated?

Due to some ambiguity, we can only speculate on how the sales rank calculations will turn out. It is evident that the sales rank is determined solely by sales and not by any other important factors, such as the number of reviews or the cost of the goods. The length of the sales history is unclear.

According to certain beliefs, only sales from the previous 12 hours are considered. Some claim 24 hours or longer. According to us, the calculation includes sales data from a wider time span.

Products that weren’t sold in the last 24 hours would have the same sales rank if only the previous 24 hours were considered. Since this is not the case if no sales are made, the sales rank steadily declines over several weeks it is clear that the sales history will be taken into account in calculating the Amazon sales margin over a much longer time frame.

However, the weighting for earlier sales is unclear. According to the presumption, younger sales represent a sizable advantage over elder sales.

This implies that a transaction made six days ago is worth less than a sale made just now. Amazon evaluates these figures and arranges all products from a category by decreasing, weighted paragraphs after adding the sales for the most recent calculation period for each product and weighing them appropriately.

The sales rank then correlates to the place on the list. You’ll be able to sell your stuff on Amazon more easily if you can figure it out.

How to Use Best Seller Rank To Increase Sales on Amazon

Now that you know what BSR is, let’s know know how to use the Best Seller Rank to increase sales on Amazon.


FBA is an incredible spot to begin while considering the best system to raise your Deals Rank. The most pleasant part about this decision is that it sets aside you time and cash by not expecting you to set up a stockroom or dissemination organization. You can utilize Prime conveyance all the more effectively if you utilize the FBA model, and this immensely affects how noticeable you are on this stage. Expanded deals and change rates result from more limited shipment periods’ capacity to draw more clients.

When you meet the prerequisites for the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, your items can likewise become qualified for Prime without FBA, even though it is exceptionally cutthroat and has a long pause.

Keyword Optimization

Whether or not a client can see your product page on Amazon depends heavily on SEO. Contrasted with web indexes like Google, Amazon clients search unexpectedly. Sellers must include pertinent keywords in their product listings in order for their goods to be matched with the customers’ search queries. They must be aware of the kinds of search terms that clients use as well as those that their main rivals employ. They will learn how to develop an Amazon SEO strategy thanks to this.

Use Third-party Tools

If you want data that is comprehensive enough, metrics like BSR can give you access to usage patterns. You can record and monitor changes with the use of third-party programs, and you can also make adjustments. The main advantage of using this tool is that it enables you to test important listing parameters.

Critical sales metrics will be more effectively highlighted by these tools, giving you a longer-term perspective of the causes and effects of these changes on your sales rank.

Product Research

The appropriate product selection is crucial to improving your sales ranking. Amazon offers millions of products accessible for purchase, so sellers must pick the most lucrative ones. Finding the market’s demand and conducting thorough specialized research is essential for choosing the best product.

The product research will help you analyze current market trends and identify the best product with the most potential for profit and sales. Better research increases the likelihood of improving sales ranking.

Increase Sales Velocity

Selling more is the most effective way to work on your rating. You climb in the rankings the more your item is sold. The point is to build the permeability of your merchandise on this stage. Clients come up short on the opportunity to painstakingly look at every single item on the commercial center. Simplifying it for clients to find your stuff is the primary objective. A critical deals speed came about because of this footing.

Customer Reviews

As you make more sales, more reviews are likely to come your way, but the patterns compound and might be difficult to start. It’s also crucial to remember that customer reviews must provide real product feedback from other consumers. Any review intended to deceive or influence customers is not tolerated on Amazon.


It’s important to remember that neither a high sales rank nor a low sales rank ensures a product will continue to sell. Although one of many metrics, sales rank is significant. observing BSR and keyword rankings with analytics tools. The sellers who master Amazon’s extremely strict standards and take advantage of the data it offers are the ones who find success there.

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