Improving employee communication and productivity in 2018

employee communication and productivity

You want your team to have a successful year with better employee communication and improved productivity. As you enter the new year, you analyze what worked and didn’t work in the past several months. To move forward, you should take advantage of these collaboration tools that every company should use to thrive.

Customer support log

Handling your customers can get really complicated. Especially, when you are managing a team or dealing with various customer issues. Keep a detailed log so that customer queries wouldn’t lose in the shuffle.

customer support employee communication

Assigning the right employees to given cases will improve your customer services. You want your customers to feel important and cared for. Don’t let them get lost in the hustle of your company’s concerns. Use a tracking software. It will help you with managing customer queries, monitoring team’s performance, prioritizing questions, and gathering customer feedback.

Utilize SMS text for employees

Using text messaging for better employee communication can be a smart move. But you might not want to invade your employee’s personal phone with your workplace requirements. However, text messaging is incredibly effective for getting out mass messages to your teams. What’s more, it allows automating important company-wide reminders and improving communication between team members.

texting in employee communication

Texting is fast, cost-effective and is typically read within seconds from being sent. Text messages leave a digital trail to help you track what you’ve communicated with any of your employees. Younger generations prefer texting over any other form of communication – including email, phone or in-person meetings.

Engage employees with visual content

Don’t expect your employees to be fully engaged if you are sending large blocks of text in newsletters and articles. Get your employees excited about behind-the-scenes videos from top managers and key employees. Use video, images, and infographics that are going to be processed by the brain more than 60,000x faster than text.

help employee be productive employee communication

Visually appealing content can help communicate your training messages, policies, workplace strategies and other content quickly. So, you need to ensure that content is as interesting and as easy to get as possible.

Encourage collaboration

You want your team to communicate and work together on common goals at a high level. Collaboration platforms like Futuramo assist your team to work more effectively. Your team gains a centralized place for assigning workloads, exchanging tasks and sharing duties.

collaboration tool for teams employee communication

Your team will better manage workflows, report bugs, and analyze team’s performance with the smart apps. Companies that have the right collaboration tools are generally more successful. When the idea sharing comes easy, people can focus on being efficient in fulfilling their duties.

Keep your team on the same page and give your employees the best tools to work productively. These apps will improve your collaboration this year. Company communication is important for keeping your brand cohesive. Furthermore, your clients will see the difference in your services.

About the author:

Joel Lee is the SEO marketing specialist at Trumpia, which earned a reputation as a complete SMS solution including user-friendly interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases.

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