Is Law The Right Profession For You?

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Law isn’t for everyone. It requires a lot of hard work, reading, grit, and persistence. It also takes a while to become a lawyer, as multiple exams such as the BAR and the LSAT are also required. 

However, if you have the passion and desire to fight for your clients, it could be a great fit. So, how do you know if law is the right profession for you? Let’s find out. 

Understand the Role of a Lawyer 

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the role of a lawyer. 

You are responsible for upholding the law and preserving the United States Constitution, and upholding the laws of the state you practice in. Some of the main responsibilities include: 

1. Legal Research

Looking at legal information and statutes to support your argument and gathering evidence to support your case. 

2. Interpreting the Law

Interpreting specific laws and statutes properly and applying them to specific court cases, and explaining to a judge how they are relevant to the case you’re working on. 

3. Representing Clients In Court

Arguing in front of a judge and jury to present a crystal-clear argument to win in your favor. 

4. Negotiating A Fair Outcome or Settlement

Working with other parties and negotiating a fair settlement or outcome on your client’s behalf. As these are some of the main responsibilities of an attorney, it’s also important to realize that lawyers also have their own specializations or areas of practice. 

For example, family law attorneys usually focus on helping their clients as they are going through a divorce, child custody disputes, or even something as complex as high-asset divorce. By understanding the core responsibilities of a lawyer, that can help you determine if this career path is right for you. 

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Assess Your Interests and Skills

The next step in determining if law is the right fit for you is to assess your skills and interests. 

Throughout life, it’s normal to go through phases of what interests you careerwise. 

There’s many people that may believe in college at first that they want to be a doctor, but then they might not end up enjoying their coursework, then choosing to pursue a path of law instead. 

It’s important during this process to assess your own personal interests and values, while also finding a niche that can be a great fit for you. 

If you choose to attend law school, chances are, you don’t need to know when you start what practice of law you want to go into. 

You might initially think that patent law is for you, and then you take a course on it and not enjoy it that much. Everything you study is all dependent on your own interests and long-term career goals. 

Look At The Experience and Hours of Work Required

Now, let’s say that you decide that personal injury law is the right profession for you. 

The coursework is seen as enjoyable, and you’ve made multiple valuable connections with attorneys who work at esteemed plaintiff’s firms. 

After connecting with these attorneys, have them help you as a resource. Make sure to take the time with them to develop proper relationships, rather than just having them as a “connection”. 

Chances are, these lawyers will likely give you a better referral if they know you personally, rather than if you just send them an unpersonalized email that states, “Can I work at your company?”.

It’s also of utmost importance to see how much work and hours are required in each profession of law. 

The hours you work usually depends on the firm you’re at and the cases they specialize in, but more often than not, you usually start out with many hours doing the hard work out of law school. 

This hard work usually consists of gathering evidence, doing depositions, or even simple actions such as taking phone calls and meeting with prominent clients. 

And, many jobs usually require anywhere from 50 to 70 hour weeks on an average, depending on where you’re at and the profession you’re in. 

Find Out About The Cost of Education

With law school debt nationwide skyrocketing, it has now never been more expensive than it is now, especially for private or prestigious universities. 

The American Bar Association (ABA) conducted a study in 2023 that came to the conclusion that the average debt for law school graduates is over $111,000 and 74% of students usually graduate in debt. 

Most entry level lawyer salaries range between $71,057 and $79,445, it can seem difficult to pay off law school debt immediately out of school at a lower starting salary. 

Considering the rising cost of living in the United States, it can seem impossible to pay off law school debt at a young age, but it is possible. 

If you are determined to take the career path of an attorney, you need to be determined to take on any potential debt as well. 

However, there are also multiple scholarships for law students that are available to those who go above and beyond in their undergraduate studies and extracurriculars. 

Lawyer Success Stories

For those that have a knack for the field of law, it can be an ultimately fulfilling career. 

Founder of the Handy & Handy law firm and experienced Salt Lake City personal injury attorney, Garrett Handy’s career has been one of success and triumph. 

He found success in the world of personal injury, obtaining multi-million dollar settlements from everything ranging from car accidents to wrongful death. 

Another attorney from Handy & Handy, Preston Handy, has also been practicing law for almost thirty years, obtaining the honor of one of Utah’s legal elite in the area of personal injury law from 2013 to 2022. 

Although the field of personal injury may not be for you, it can if you have the passion for seeking much justice and compensation for your clients. 

Know If This Career Path Is Right For You

By knowing if the field of law is right for you, make sure to stay informed, do research, and take these following steps if law is a good fit for your interests. 

You can find out if the field of law is right for you by: 

  1. Understanding the role of a lawyer
  2. Assessing your interests and skills
  3. Looking at the experience and hours of work required
  4. Finding out about the cost of education
  5. Looking at lawyer success stories

By looking at these steps, you can make an informed decision to see if this career path is right for you or not. Remember, that coming to a decision about law does not come overnight, and that there will be mishaps in the way that you can work through with time.

The content published on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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