Linkedin message automation 

LinkedIn message automation
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An automation tool that can automate your manual texting is very powerful for any business. With this new technology, users can increase the presence of your profile and skyrocket your social selling skills. Instead of writing and sending messages manually, users can select contacts and personalized messages and broadcast them in one go. As a result, LinkedIn automation helps generate potential leads and derives more business for your venture.

Whether you have a large firm or a small-sized business, users can achieve career or business goals by automating LinkedIn. Users can even grow their network by creating engaging content and personalizing messages. These automation tools also target non-potential leads to convert them into clients. While keeping subsequent track of new connections who have just joined your LinkedIn family 

So, we can say that LinkedIn automation or automated linkedin messaging can be game changers for all types of businesses. 

But what is the trick behind sending automation messages?    

While sending bulk messages using any software, the golden thumb rule is, to be honest with your receiver and keep your messages short but effective. As a result, without getting spammed for the activities, the user can maximize his presence and outreach.   

  • Select connections from “my network   
  • Transfer these profiles to CRM   
  • Next, adjust the requirements   
  • Then open CRM and fill in a message template   
  • Then personalize the message and mention Name, Last Name, Position, and company name   
  • Then specify the amount of connection you wish to reach out  

LinkedIn Automation — What You Need to Know  

LinkedIn offers a handful of features, using an additional tool or plugin, “Octopus ORM, Expandi, Dripify, Zopto, Linked Helper 2.” It will enhance the automation experience and bring out the best results for the business. By using these linkedin auto connect tool, users can get connected with millions of prospects, showcase their ideology and build an active profile on LinkedIn.   

As LinkedIn automation is designed to mimic human behavior, it can perform any activity which requires human effort. And besides providing pro-efficient results, automating your LinkedIn profile can benefit you in various ways. Which includes –   

  • Data collection    
  • Creating personalized but more professional messages    
  • Run personalized campaigns  
  • Easy integration with other tools or plugins   
  • Creates effective omni-channel campaigns  
  • Achieve professional and business goals  
  • keep track of follow-ups and messages   

LinkedIn automation effectively automates a certain important task that can act as an additional advantage for the user –  

  • Making connection requests effective with messages  
  • Hyper-personalization of messages the based on collected data   
  • Setting up social selling campaign along with follow-ups   
  • Filtering out the custom target audience for better outreach  
  • Getting insights into the campaign    

Cloud-based solutions  

Various tools or plugins are available for LinkedIn, but cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools are considered the safest. A cloud-based solution solves all your security patches and keeps your profile active without getting spammed. Although it runs just like a regular autopilot for linkedin chrome it operates the browser in “headless” mode. A cloud-based solution can easily access your LinkedIn profile while automating the activities without running any standard browser. It is difficult for LinkedIn to detect a headless browser ad tracking your profile.   

LinkedIn can easily distinguish whether their platform has been logged in through a standard browser or a browser with headless mode. This makes it clear that LinkedIn observes browser-based automation tools but finds it difficult to track down cloud-based automation extensions.   

Benefits of using cloud-based solutions:   

Usage of cloud-based solutions with automation LinkedIn has immense benefits! Users can build their business, derive more leads for their venture and maintain a secure atmosphere for the business. With the usage of the cloud, users can automate almost everything and keep their accounts secure even if they are using it. Also, with cloud base solutions, users can enjoy an easy login process. However, we have mentioned a few more advantages of using this extension below.   

  • Precise with LinkedIn automation   

While using a browser, users have to filter their target audience manually, a cloud-based automation tool does that automatically. The user must set the commands for once, and here you go. The bot will imitate human behavior until you stop it manually. It helps save time and only brings out extremely potential leads.  

  • Keep login secure   

Cloud-based automation tools are designed to deliver a more secure atmosphere for the user. For example, you only have to log in with your LinkedIn credentials, and the cloud will remember and secure the payment methods & login credentials. In addition, this extension will keep the passwords encrypted even if the user is already logged in.   

  • Provide security 24’7   

The user is not always required to keep the device on or stay logged in. Cloud-based automation tools can provide the utmost security while switching the device off. It continuously runs the application in the background and keeps your data secure.  

  • Undetectable to LinkedIn  

Cloud-based automation tools are considered safer because these extensions use their system of VPNs and proxies. In addition, making it undetectable and a secure automation extension prevents your profile from getting spammed.   

Why Automate LinkedIn  

If you are a sales professional or a businessman who deals in B2B, LinkedIn is amongst the best social platforms without a doubt. LinkedIn automation helps manage your profile and nurture leads across the LinkedIn platform and Sales Navigator. Also, it helps eliminate unauthorized profiles and connect you with genuine ones.  

LinkedIn automation accelerates your profile’s reach, keeps your profile active, and offers more security to your account. As lead generation is the ultimate goal for any user, LinkedIn automation helps run sales campaigns to achieve the goals with authentic results. It provides raw data & statistics and offers real-time insights to analyze your growth. It also enables the user to extend his reach toward automating linkedin connections and potential clients.   

Another benefit of having your LinkedIn automated is analyzing suitable profiles with the same interests and sending a connection invite with a personalized message. It incredibly reduces human effort and matches you with only like-minded people.

LinkedIn Automation tools  

It’s extremely important to maintain an active presence on social media platforms. One has to post and generate engaging content for the users actively, but it requires time, human effort, and more. LinkedIn automation makes your life a little easier and automates almost everything. Also, besides saving you time, it benefits you in –   

  • Sending bulk connection requests  
  • Sending follow-up messages  
  • Creating a more professional yet personalized message  
  • Help run personalized campaigns  
  • Collect data for improved iterations of your campaigns  
  • Integrate with other marketing tools  
  • Help creates result oriented omnichannel for campaigns  

Various tools, plugins, and extensions work efficiently with LinkedIn automation. Here, we have mentioned some of them –   


Dripify is advanced automation software that helps create sales funnels and work as a cloud-based solution for users. By importing leads from the CSV files, the user can create a foolproof prospecting sequence which helps in prospect analysis. Users can also easily conduct A/B testing and manage leads with a LinkedIn automation tool like Dripify. 

With the help of Dripify, users can establish selective workflow and bring their clients on board for further proceedings. Furthermore, it helps analyze LinkedIn dynamics with trackable metrics and develop a summary report for the downloadable data. As the interface is accessible, no technical skill is required to exercise drip campaigns and integration.  


If you are required to create customized campaigns, Zopto is one of the most productive automation tools for LinkedIn. It will only target the ideal prospects in various ways. Zopto takes minutes to set up, but once it has been synched, it offers a handful of filters and fine tuners. This helps the user filter out the desired leads based on – location, seniority, technology that the company uses, industry, level, title, size of the company, and the number of followers or connections the user has. 

Zopto offers various targeting options to derive desired leads and business for the venture. And apart from all these features, Zopto offers myriad options to match the level of engagement required for any business.

Users can also enjoy following the matrix to boost their business with Zopto 

  • Sequential messaging  
  • Twitter engagement  
  • Connection invites  
  • Profile or in-mails view generator    

Linked Helper 2  

Linked Helper 2 is the most dynamic automation tool for LinkedIn. With internal CRM and drip campaign features, it allows the users to track the interactions done by the chatbot of LinkedIn. It also offers features like – an easy search option with tags and adding notes to profile cards. 

In addition, Linked Helper 2 uses advanced technology that automatically detects the reply from a new connection to increase the user’s response rate. Furthermore, Linked Helper 2 has various automation features specially designed to automate linkedin and boost your business.    


LinkedIn automation tools have made using LinkedIn a lot easier. Rather than doing everything manually, users can now use these extensions and skyrocket their social skills. These tools are designed with accurate technology; users are not required to have technical knowledge. With a single click, people can put everything on autopilot mode. And favorable derive results. 

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