We’re live on Product Hunt!

The big day is here! Futuramo Visual Tickets is officially on Product Hunt!

We’re so excited! After weeks of creative preparation, we’ve finally launched our visual collaboration app Visual Tickets on Product Hunt!

Visual Tickets is currently being featured on the front page of Product Hunt. To celebrate that fact, we’ve prepared a one off deal tailor-made for the Product Hunt community.

Today, we’re giving away an unlimited number of licenses for Visual Tickets. It means that your entire team, regardless of the size, will be able to use Futuramo Visual Tickets for free for 6 months. We will extend it up to 1 year for good feedback from active teams.

After that time, Product Hunt users will receive 40-50% off regular pricing. Please ask for a promo code via the comments and we’ll get back to you!

Visit us on Product Hunt here, join the discussion and claim your deal!

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