Latest updates on Futuramo: a brand new Taskbar

Futuramo new taskbar

Switching between organizations and apps, handy shortcuts and quick navigation – a new version of the Taskbar is live on Futuramo. Follow the latest updates and get to know what has changed.

Switching between Organizations

Starting from the left, the first button lets you choose the Organization. The more teams you collaborate with through Futuramo the more extra minutes you will save thanks to this intuitive shortcut.

Switching between Organizations and apps new taskbar

Your Organization’s logo is located next to the switch button. If you work on more than one Organization, you can easily pin the chosen ones by clicking the pin icon next to the Organization’s logo. All the pinned Organizations will be displayed on the Taskbar, with the one you are currently working in the foreground, and pinned ones in the background.

Futuramo Apps

All the Futuramo apps within a chosen Organization appear next to the Organization’s logo. In practice that lets you move between the apps from every app level.

Futuramo apps new taskbar

Here you can also upgrade your toolkit by adding new Futuramo apps. Click on the shopping basket button next to the apps. You will go to the store where you can select and purchase more apps and licenses.

Managing your settings

The right side of the Taskbar is dedicated to the settings and helpful resources. The first button represents Futuramo Contacts – an app where you can keep all your business contacts. Next, the bell icon notifies about the latest updates in the currently used Organization. When your teammates make some changes, the bell turns red and displays the number of updates.

settings on Futuramo new taskbar

Next in the line is your Avatar. If you click on it, you will go to My Futuramo where you can manage settings for your entire account. After clicking on the menu button (in the upper right corner) you get the list of resources and useful links. Let’s go through them starting from the top:

  • Invite user – a shortcut to the location in Futuramo where you can invite more users to your Organization.
  • – a shortcut to the home page.
  • Help – click and go straight to Futuramo Support. Find answers for bothering questions.
  • Unpin taskbar – customize your view. Pin or unpin your Taskbar.
  • Change taskbar view – select which variant meets your needs. We have prepared two variants of the Taskbar view:
  1. Compact bar – the minimized version.
  2. Large bar – full version

The compact Taskbar displays symbols/icons representing each app, while the large bar is wider and shows also apps’ names and your Avatar in the background. Choose your preferred one.

Futuramo new taskbar

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