How to Become a Web Designer in 8 Steps

How to Become a Web Designer
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These days, you can find hundreds of millions of websites that have different designs. However, many of these sites do not operate or look properly because the web designer is not talented enough. The truth is that the maintenance and creation of the site depend on how professional the designer is. That is why this expert must have a certificate from a reputable company, such as the digital design agency Fivecube.

Since a web designer is a significant person, the popularity of this profession is constantly growing. Moreover, it can be very rewarding if you invest time, work hard, and gain enough experience. But what does a web designer do, and how to become one? Let’s figure it out.

What Does Web Design Mean?

The design of a website is what creates the overall feel and look when users navigate it. In general, it is the process where the elements of the site are planned and built, from layout to colors and images.

Web design comprises a variety of components that must work together to come up with a pleasing- to-the-eye website. A web designer must know how to organize and place elements so that the finished site looks great and smoothly operates on different devices.

What Steps Should I Take to Become a Web Designer?

It is not hard to find a web designer job description on the internet, but you still may not understand what you need to do to become one. If you are willing to build a career as this expert, you should follow these steps:

1. You should develop the required skills

If you want to become an expert in this field, you should do your best to be proficient in the technical aspects. You do not have to go to a university for this purpose because subject-specific courses can be enough. If your aim is to become successful, these skills are a must:

⸺ Programming languages;

·⸺ Graphic software;

⸺ Web design theory;

⸺ Search engine optimization;

⸺ Communication skills.

2. You should earn certifications

Having certifications in particular areas can be helpful when it comes to boosting your resume, learning skills, and charging a higher rate. For example, you will definitely need Adobe Certified Expert.

3. You should create a website

You might know how to become a web designer, but just knowing means nothing without proof. It is recommended to create your own website, which should show your potential customers how professional you are. The website`s home page should include information about your skills, rates, and availability.

4. You should look for orders

You should start your career by performing web design jobs that can be added to your portfolio and website. You will also gain more experience by constantly practicing your skills.

5. You should create a portfolio

As soon as you get more customers and become more professional, you should keep on updating your portfolio. It should include the examples of your work, a list of design capabilities, and positive feedback from customers.

6. It is important to market yourself

If your goal is to become a freelance web designer, the success is dependent on how well you market yourself. Therefore, you should look for methods to make the design community know about you. For example, you can use social media for this purpose.

7.  You should consider specializing

If you decide to focus on a certain niche, there may be a higher chance to earn recognition. You can choose a specific area of web design, like mobile applications, websites for e-commerce, or sites for certain kinds of businesses.

8. You should always stay updated

This field never stops evolving because customer requirements, technology, and design methods are always changing. If you are willing to remain a successful web designer, you should not stop developing your skills, learning, and practicing.


A web designer is a very interesting profession because there is always an opportunity to grow and show how creative you are. If you know how to learn web design and are eager to develop your skills, you can become successful in this field. While the popularity of this profession is constantly increasing, talented web designers are always in high demand.

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