5 ways to use video on your blog to get more engagement

how to generate more traffic with video marketing

Are you sure that your videos are getting the right traffic to your blog? Has any of your friend ever sent you a link to a funny and interesting video that connects to your site? As the number of shared videos among family, friends, and coworkers are increasing significantly, so video marketing has become the next big trend. However, you should try to use different types of videos at different times. So that your audience can connect with your products and services when they need.

Research has been done by Forrester Research. They found out that video increases a web page’s visibility in search engine results by 96 percent. Nowadays, videos are the next great way to give your blog a robust online presence. Today, here we will be discussing five ways by which you can use videos to brand your blog and drive more traffic to your site.

Use how-to videos to convert visitors to leads

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site is to use How-To videos. For example, a third party company that repairs iPhones. Now the company creates a video on “how to repair iPhone port” and post that on their website. This topic (exactly how it is shown) might be searching millions of people around the world every day. When people find this video link, they can send the it to their family and friends who will, in turn, link that video to their website.

People who are linking your videos to their website will not only get helpful information, but it also will increase your band and the product. This is how your sale and the brand name can get a reputation.

Boost conversions with product videos

You might not know that 65%-85% people usually buy their products after watching videos. That’s why you should try to create a product video that is simple and can convey some real information of the product.

Plain images do not become effective as compared to video to display your product specific information. Well, you can a hire a professional or create the video by yourself. Well, you can a hire a professional or create the video by yourself using a video maker. Make sure; it does not need to be complicated, a simple video can do the trick. Make sure; it does not need to be complicated, a simple video can do the trick.

Create keyword-rich video playlists

One of the best ways to get more traffic to your blog is to organize your videos into a playlist. If you make it messy and keep unorganized, then people would not come back to your blog again. In addition, you should supply unique metadata that search engines or youtube use to rank your playlist.

On the other hand, make sure you use the relevant description of your videos which would further enhance your video ranking. A keyword-rich playlist helps search engines to get better information about a topic. And we observed that more text content = more views. For example, PewDiePie, which gets more than a million views per day, has made their youtube channel organized cleanly into keyword-rich categories.

Use screencasts to cut down customer service

A product or service based company should always use screencasts to reduce customer service issues. You can create short product or service related videos to help your customer’s several ways, and of course, it works great. A screencast is very useful to increase an average time spent on a website. However, creating screencasts detailed and short gets a better response.

BankOfAmerica made a short screencast on how to apply for a duplicate debit card. And interestingly, it just cut down the number of calls being made on the same issue to the customer service. This short video not only helps the customers but also increases the brand value significantly.

Encourage subscribing and linking

When you are uploading videos on youtube, it is open to millions of viewers. However, whether you are uploading videos on youtube or your site, you should keep a note at the end of the video to encourage the viewers to subscribe or link your videos on their websites. If someone enjoys your video and likes or subscribe it after watching, then it sends a strong signal to youtube or search engine that you have some amazing videos.

Almost every website or blog contains video, especially when it comes to creating a compelling content and digital marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy comprising various types of video on website or blogs. It can drive additional traffic and higher conversions. We hope you have learned some of the effective ways to use videos to drive massive traffic and conversions to your blog.

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