The Importance of Creativity in Modern Marketing: 7 Main Tips

The Importance of Creativity in Modern Marketing: 7 Main Tips
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Creativity is an essential element of nearly any type of human activity. From cooking to construction to fashion design, numerous fields require us to be creative with what we do to achieve good results and create something truly original.

This is the case for marketing as well. Marketing can’t be effective if you just do the same thing over and over again or try to copy everything from your competitors. You need to use creativity to your advantage. Hence, here’s everything about the importance of creativity in modern marketing and seven tips you can use to become more creative.

Why Is Creativity Important?

Alright, creativity is important. But to what extent? And how does this look in practice? Here are the main reasons why creativity is important for marketing:

  • Creativity drives innovation and makes you come up with original and unique approaches to marketing. It helps you find ideas that nobody ever had or used before.
  • Creativity makes marketing more cost-effective. You can find cheaper methods to use in your marketing that will give you better results than costlier methods.
  • Creativity helps you build your brand image. There are so many other brands like yours, so you need to stand out in some way. That’s exactly what creativity is for.

1. Personalize as Much as Possible

First and foremost, you need to personalize as much as possible. You are probably doing this already because personalization is extremely important for marketing. However, it is also important for creativity. It makes you take on more challenges and solve more problems. Moreover, personalizing your marketing means you will be working with more variables and adapting to the needs and interests of different customers.

In other words, personalization is one of the most important drivers of creativity because creativity is all about finding new ways to do something you are used to or to solve an issue you encountered. Try to personalize your marketing in different channels (e.g. social media, email, targeted ads) and using different technologies (e.g. AR, interactive ads, 360-degree virtual tours).

2. Outsource Some of Your Tasks

While this might not be a tip you expected, it is definitely something you should try to improve your creativity. Many people can be extremely creative when they can think about the task at hand properly. But this becomes extremely difficult when you are stressed. You simply can’t think about all the details of the problem you need to solve, so you end up being stuck with it.

This is when outsourcing can be of great help to you. Instead of performing all the tasks related to your marketing yourself, you can outsource some of the repetitive ones. For example, you can check the writer services site Best Writers Online to find a writer who can create email templates for you. Because you won’t need to think about that, you can focus on more urgent tasks where your full attention is required to be truly creative.

3. Focus on Authenticity

Nowadays, everyone is trying to be authentic. It’s both about marketing and branding. Customers want to see an authentic brand that is not just a corporation trying to sell them products or services. By focusing on authenticity, you will be able to show that authentic side of your brand while also being creative with the way you do so because authenticity can only come from creativity.

Don’t be mistaken – creativity does not equal authenticity. Even though they go hand in hand, they are not the same. Creativity is about being original and unique while authenticity is about being honest and sincere. It’s about showing the “real” you. Of course, that’s a little difficult when talking about a brand (what is “real” about it?), but it’s still possible if you use authenticity and creativity together.

4. Learn from Others and Experiment

Another tip you should start using to become more creative with your marketing is learning from others and experimenting. As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t simply copy what your competitors are doing. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from them. By looking at their successes and failures, you will better understand what can work for your own marketing campaigns.

Similarly, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Creativity drives innovation, but it can only do so if you are ready to experiment and try things that nobody else has tried before you. Do you have an interesting idea but you aren’t sure that it will work? Try it anyway. Even on a small scale, you can see whether what you want to do may work on a bigger scale. Continue experimenting and you will definitely find something that will click.

5. Find People to Collaborate With

Though creativity can be practiced individually, it can be amplified if you work with others. This is why you should find people to collaborate with and reach out to them to offer a marketing project you could both work on. It can be scary at first, but once you start collaborating with more brands, you will get used to it. At first, you can hire a professional writer from Writing Judge who can take care of writing your emails for reaching out.

Think about other brands in your niche or in related niches who could partner with you for a joint promotional or marketing campaign. Find influencers who can promote your brand and products or even become brand ambassadors. Reach out to all of them and start thinking about how you can organize your marketing campaign. By brainstorming together, you will have twice as many ideas to choose from.

6. Challenge Yourself Regularly

As explained earlier, creativity is about solving new problems and finding new approaches to old problems. This is why you need to be challenging yourself regularly to become more creative with your marketing. When you make yourself overcome difficult challenges and deal with complicated issues, you gain valuable knowledge and experience that will make you become more creative in the future.

Likewise, challenges are another opportunity for your creativity to shine. This is where you can show that you are ready to try something new, experiment, look for an original approach, and so on. Use these opportunities wisely and don’t underestimate the power of creativity in such difficult situations.

7. Always Look for an Original Approach

Last but not least, always keep looking for an original approach. Don’t settle for something safe or mediocre just because there is a 90% chance that it will work the way you expect it to work. This is a sure way to become stagnant and for your marketing to become outdated. You will quickly fall behind your competitors and your campaigns will start underperforming.

Instead, always keep looking for something original. Even if you know that something works in a specific way, don’t hesitate to alter it a little to try to apply it differently. Don’t be afraid to use a different approach to solve the problem at hand. Never pass on an opportunity to look for an alternative solution.

Final Words

All in all, utilizing creativity at every stage of marketing – including brainstorming, planning, organizing, etc. – is critical for the success of your campaigns. Use the tips in this article to help you become more creative and start marketing more effectively to your audience.

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