How to motivate yourself to work from home

Staying motivated is tougher than ever! We got so many distractions around us, so many things to do, so many options, opportunities, and chances to take…and what do we do?

We simply fail to focus on one thing, do it right, so we can reap the benefits after. No, all the hustle must disrupt us from what we truly want to achieve. Working from home is a benefit for most people due to the flexible schedule and great opportunities that come additionally.

However, many individuals have real issues with maintaining their consistency. To be consistent, you need to be motivated to do something, otherwise, you’ll see no reason to take real action.

To motivate yourself, you must build some knowledge and learn the strategies that’ll help you eliminate negative laziness and procrastination cycles.

Well, in today’s post, we’re discussing several tips and tricks that’ll help you motivate yourself more effectively while working from home. Pay attention and ensure that you implement everything you hear in this post!

1. Determinate your workspace

Keeping yourself motivated every day can be a hard thing to do when you’re a remote worker. This may be even harder if your workspace is no different from the place you’re sleeping.

So, to increase your productivity and your motivation, you need to define a specific area in your home exclusively for work.

home office

As every room of your house has its specific purpose, like the kitchen is the cooking and eating place, and the bedroom is designed for sleeping, you should have a specific place in the house that’s dedicated only for work.

You see, doing an activity in a space that really isn’t designed for that, in most of the cases, we won’t produce satisfying results. I mean, how often did you sleep well on the kitchen table?

how to create a workspace for working from home

Now, don’t imagine that you’ll need a whole room to define an elaborate office in your house. No, a comfortable chair and a desk should be just fine for you to focus on your job.

2. Change from your pajamas

When you work from home, one of the biggest temptations is the comfort of wearing whatever you want. So, most of the times you when you wake up, you don’t even bother taking off your pajamas as you don’t get in touch with other people anyway.

stay ready to work hard

Of course, there’s no point to dress up, but take caution because laying in the same clothes all day long goes hand in hand with laziness and lack of productivity.

Moreover, I bet that you’re familiar with the line “to dress for success”. Well, the fashion psychologist Dr. Karen Pine explains that “When we put on an item of clothing, it is common for the wearer to adopt the characteristics associated with that garment. A lot of clothing has symbolic meaning for us, whether it’s ‘professional work attire’ or ‘relaxing weekend wear’, so when we put it on, we prime the brain to behave in ways consistent with that meaning.”

3. Wake up earlier

Waking up in the morning might be the hardest part when you work from home. With a flexible schedule designed by yourself, without anyone to boss you around and keep an eye on you if you’re late, it seems like there’s not much motivation left to wake up at a decent hour.

So, you end up waking up at 10 or 11 am, if not later. Waste a little time around with breakfast, a shower, and finally start to work at 12 – 1 pm. And there you go, half of your day is gone.

organize your day when work from home

As Tom Harrison, the HR manager at the top essay writing company, suggests the following:

Take your time and imagine how your days would be only if: you’d wake up early like 7 am, take the first hour of the day to relax, drink your coffee while reading whatever you like, and take your time and enjoy the healthy food from breakfast. Then, start the work at 8 am with no stress on your shoulders since you have all the time in the word to finish your work, and there will still be enough time left for yourself.

Isn’t this enough motivation for you? Think of this whenever you’re attempting to touch the snooze button to sleep just “a little more”.

4. Make a work schedule

The best thing about being a remote worker is the flexibility that comes with it. Unfortunately, if you don’t take control over your schedule, you’ll start finding hard to stay productive and you’ll start to feel a lot of stress and pressure on your shoulders.

schedule to work form home more effectively

Fortunately, you can spare yourself from all this trouble by making a daily schedule and follow it. Start from your sleeping schedule because without a proper rest you can barely effectively face a day and make it “good”.

Keep in mind that you can’t be truly productive if you work continuously. Include a break at every 45 minutes (approx.). If you include these short breaks between work, you get the perfect opportunity to plan an organized eating schedule.

Additionally, for starters, it would be wise to write down the schedule and always keep an eye on it. Of course, do that until you start following it instinctually, until everything comes naturally, and until your mind can immediately reproduce it. Remember that this can only be achieved with perseverance, patience, and time.

5. Exercise

Exercising, especially in the morning, it’s the best productivity booster you can ask for. It’s free and everybody can do it. As we talked above, you are in control over your schedule as you work from home, so you can include some exercising every now and then. Could it be a better match?

stay in shape to better work from home

Otherwise, staying in the house all the time because you don’t really have to get out the house, except for making the groceries, will prove to be harmful to your health. It will also suck your energy and you’ll find it hard to motivate yourself and to remain disciplined.

If you have a gym nearby, take this opportunity and find the best time to include it in your schedule. You can go out and jog, and this would be even better as you’ll benefit from the fresh air too.

relax to perform better work from home

Physical exercises have lots of health benefits, from drastically increasing your blood flow to releasing more endorphins in your brain, which are associated with the feeling of euphoria.

6. Get out, freshen up, socialize

Remember that you are not under house arrest and you can (and should) go out even for a short walk. Staying in a closed space for a long time can seriously damage your productivity and slowly kill your motivation.

work from home productively

Not to mention that if you barely get out, no matter how often you vent the house, you’ll still need fresh air in your lungs and fresh oxygen for your brain.

Moreover, if you quit going out, you’re basically saying that you’re quitting your social life. Yes, of course, your friends will pass by, but you can’t expect this to last forever. Therefore, you need to get out from your house to socialize. It’s in your nature to so, as all humans are social beings.


Working from home really isn’t a child’s play. It’s tough at the beginning until you understand all the basics, but then, as you advance, your motivation and willpower will be tougher than ever. When negative emotions and moods kick in, you’ll know exactly what to do to change the effects of your negative triggers!

About the author:

Jack White who currently works in the department of PR at Essays.ScholarAdvisor started his career from the bottom and has grown to become an excellent writer. He aspires to keep up his success into the future.

The content published on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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