How to combat workplace stress and become more productive

workplace stress

Workplace stress is one of the most prominent factors that negatively impact your productivity. Being a professional worker, you must be working long hours. Also, you might be leaving vacation at times and may be worried about your family and money. This is nothing but a recipe for stress.

Although workplace stress happen to everyone, you need to make sure that you save yourself from the ill-effects. Being productive at a workplace is not merely keeping ready your to-do lists. It is essentially utilizing best energy at the time when you have to do your work well. However, encounter inevitable factors may weaken your motivation levels and subsequently dampen your productivity.

If you want to get rid of workplace stress since it is killing your productivity, then you can utilize the following tips:

1. Enhance time management skills

To become more productive you have to manage your time effectively and efficiently but without taking a toll on yourself. On multiple occasions, you must have run against the clock since companies and organizations run on deadlines. Being an ambitious professional, your better time management skills are not just helpful for you. They are also helpful for your company. This will boost your morale as well as motivation level. It will considerably help you in reducing stress. On the other hand, if you don’t place value on something, naturally, you will not find time for it. As a result, your stress will, unfortunately, get increased.

time management at work workplace stress

2. Don’t multitask

It’s just a myth that performing multiple tasks at a time will make you more productive person. On the contrary, it is focus towards a particular task at a time that will increase your productivity. Scientifically speaking, if you hop from one task to another, you interrupt brain functions, due to which a stress hormone called cortisol is secreted in your brain. It is also toxic as it clouds your thinking and can damage your brain cells. Neurologists and psychologists agree on the fact that it could take up to 20 minutes to get accustomed to a new attention zone, thereby wasting both time and energy. Therefore, at your office desk, you should make only one task visible to you at one time.

3. Spend time with family and friends

Spending time with friends and family is basically done to balance work and life, which is very crucial to combat office stress. You can’t assume and expect from yourself that you can sit at your desk for prolonged hours and finish your work. Such an approach will seep out your energy and enthusiasm like nothing else can. You may be inclined towards the betterment of your family and you might be motivated enough to contribute in family financial condition, but you can’t do this by working day-in and day-out. While working hard and meeting a deadline is important for you, so are relationships. So meet with your friends on special occasions and spend a quality time with them. The coming New Year is going to be one such occasion and you can meet your friends by sending custom New Year’s Eve invitations.

manage stress at the workplace

4. Play brain games

When it comes to workplace productivity and fighting stress, brain games can play a vital role in achieving these two things simultaneously. According to past studies and researchers, brain games can positively impact your workplace productivity than any other incentive programs. As a matter of fact, your mental ability is more a function of your skill, which is subject to benefits of the practice. Just like all other muscles in your body, your brain also needs exercise. If you start playing games that help build focus and creativity, then you will become a good decision-maker in terms of prioritizing and implementing work-related strategies. Playing continuous brain games, you will develop faster thinking, better memory, quicker responses, improved mood, and less boredom.

5. Exercise and meditation

It is a fact that physical activity reduces stress. In today’s fast-paced world with so much competitive environment around, it is impossible to completely eliminate or eradicate stress from our lives. So if you are aware of some coping techniques that reduce stress, then it is much better. For that reason, exercise is one of the most recommended tips by experts and healthcare experts. Exercise and other physical activity secrete endorphins – hormones in the brain that are natural painkillers. They also induce sleep, which in turn reduce stress. Furthermore, taking time and doing meditation is a powerful stress-buster.

staying in a good shape workplace stress

Wrap Up

Workplace stress may be a common phenomenon for most of the professionals, but the damage it does on individual productivity should not be overlooked. Since, businesses run on productivity, which cannot be attained unless a professional effectively combats his or her stress. The above tips can help you in doing that.

About the author:

Michael Zhou is Senior VP of Business Intelligence Development. He has assisted the Fortune 1000 company with expertise in the web as a whole, including ground-zero marketing efforts that benefit both consumer and vendor. He’s a thinker, communicator, marketer, competitor, people person, and all-around busy bee. He’s also a relentless networker with several years of real-world experience and two college degrees under his belt.

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