Benefits of continuing education for all employees and your business

continuing education for employees

According to Georgetown University, over 65 percent of jobs in 2020 will require education beyond high school. From the CEO to recent high school graduates, every employee in your company benefits from ongoing training. Prioritize continuing education in your business as you nurture your employees and grow your company.

What is continuing education?

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that nearly 45 percent of adults over the age of 16 decide to pursue continuing education and boost their professional skills. They also improve credentials and gain personal fulfillment. Language improvement skills, online video editing courses, advanced degree college classes and in-house certification workshops fall under the umbrella of continuing education.

continuing education and developing professional skills

Benefits of continuing education for your employees and company

If you provide mandatory training opportunities for employees or they decide on their own to keep learning, both your employees and business receive numerous benefits.

Make more money

Employees with advanced training can boost their income. As an example, U.S. Census data shows that college graduates earn an annual average income of $45,400 while high school graduates earn $25,900 annually. Like continuing education allows your employees to make more money, your company can also boost profits when you employ a workforce that has gained valuable training, skills, and insights from ongoing education.

Stand out among other job-seekers

In today’s job market, employees need every edge they can get. Continuing education can upgrade an employee’s job skills and boost a resume. Which opens employment opportunities. As a bonus, your company can attract top talent. People look for support and lifelong learning culture.

attract top talent continuing education

Change jobs

On average, employees change jobs 10 and 15 times in their working careers. When employees decide they’re ready to change jobs in your company or move to or from your company, they can do so with confidence because they have taken classes or earned a degree in their new field. You also know that you have access to educated employees in every position when you provide ongoing educational opportunities.

Gain a promotion

Certain job titles may require applicants to hold an advanced degree or be certified in job-specific skills. Employees can qualify for these jobs when they go back to school and gain an MBA or certification. Even taking a few tech, language or business classes can allow employees to climb the corporate ladder and gain a promotion. At the same time, your company obtains knowledgeable, passionate and loyal employees who eagerly take on more responsibilities.

Employ a well-rounded workforce

Your business needs skilled employees who know how to build widgets, write presentations or serve customers. But your company’s success also depends on traits like creativity, problem-solving, empathy, imagination, and curiosity. Offer training that helps employees develop these and other valuable skills, and you grow a more well-rounded workforce of employees. People who embrace learning, growing and discovering as they stay sharp.

creative employees continuing education

Meet your clients’ needs

To remain competitive, your company must address your clients’ growing needs. For example, in addition to web hosting, your clients may wish to build native apps as they market their company. If your company can’t meet your clients’ needs, they will take their business elsewhere. Equip your company to remain relevant among your competitors, and give employees opportunities to grow, change and adapt when you offer ongoing training that meets your clients’ needs.

Achieve personal development

Sometimes, an employee may wish to return to school for purely personal reasons. These employees may love learning, desire to delve more deeply into a hobby. Or wish to connect with their school-aged children or grandchildren. This personal development improves the confidence, self-worth, and happiness of your employees. Then they may bring their excitement and energy to work and help your business thrive.

achieve personal goals continuing education

Ways to encourage continuing education

Your business grows and your employees thrive when you encourage continuing education. To provide continuing education that’s valuable, useful and relevant, consider several tips.

  1. Offer on-site, paid workshops.
  2. Maintain an updated list of available community classes, courses, and certificate training.
  3. Provide tuition assistance or reimbursement.
  4. Give employees a flexible work schedule or time off for classes.
  5. Encourage employees to take advantage of flexible classroom instruction in traditional and online settings with hands-on training.
  6. Reward employees who earn an advanced degree or accreditation.
  7. Lead by example and model the importance of ongoing education.

In your business, you can encourage your employees to continue learning. They will gain numerous professional and personal benefits, and your company will also grow.

About the author:

PJ Taei is the founder of Uscreen, a video monetization platform to help you sell any kind of videos online.

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