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Customer success stories are the most motivating awards a team behind a SaaS tools can get. We believe that encouraging customers to express their needs is the key to build a powerful collaboration platform.

When Chris from Brangraf got back to us with his feedback, every hour dedicated to coding and designing paid off. Follow his team story and learn how to gain similar results.

Customer success: how to save 80% of the time spent on internal communication

The team behind Brandgraf is a group of people with experience and passion. What they needed was a tool that will allow them to save time spent on unnecessary arrangements. They were desperate to gain more hours on doing creative work. Since their work is project-oriented, they decided to go with Futuramo.

Customer success story with Futuramo

As a branding agency, the first thing that we noticed about the Futuramo platform was its modern, minimalistic yet colorful and attractive design. Thanks to simple and good looking icons the process of learning system functionalities was very intuitive. In fact, we only needed one call with our representative to get some basic whereabouts and guidance. From there we went on by ourselves — says Chris, business development manager at Brandgraf.

Next, Chris discovered that Futuramo almost instantly simplified and significantly shortened the communication among the team members.

Within a few days we completely gave up sticky notes and none of us had to ask repetitive questions regarding ongoing projects anymore. All needed information was kept in the Projects App and instead of writing long essays everybody switched to making short & concise notes that were super-clear to other folks.

I would estimate that thanks to using Futuramo we saved around 80% of the time we used to spend on internal communication.

Another extra 2 or 3 hours per week

Chris was on a lookout for a project management tool. He needed to save time spent on managing and keep track with tasks progress.

For me, Futuramo was also helpful in organizing work for other employees and creating necessary reports. Again, instead of running around and asking people about current tasks’ statuses, I was able to easily track completeness, timeliness and emerging issues within one platform. That’s at least another 2 or 3 hours saved per week, says Chris.

collaboration tools for business development manager

I just want to say „Thank you” and give a hug to my Futuramo representative for bringing this decent tool to my attention and – later – work. The way we’re being handled as a customer and their approach to constructive feedback makes me sure that we will be using the platform for a long time ahead.

Brandgraf’s story is a customer success example at its best. Real, measurable benefits of using collaboration apps for teams. Therefore, feedback from professionals who use our tools on a daily basis helps us make important decisions. On the other hand, use cases are also helpful for teams which face similar challenges and compare different solutions.

Brandgraf is an advertising agency focused on helping companies build branding and brand awareness. With a rich portfolio of digital projects for over 100 companies, they turn every gained minute into creative work.

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