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As massive fans of Product Hunt, we’re up to date with the latest app launches for designers, developers, and other digital teams. 2017 was a great year for the design tools. Thanks to some smart and time-saving apps launched recently, we’re able to skip the less-liked parts of the process, automate repetitive activities, and gain more time to focus on creativity and ideation. These applications are an indispensable help in the delivery of UI and UX services.

Here’s a curated list of 23 apps and websites we’ve discovered, tried and recommend. The list comes from Product Hunt where you are bound to find cool tools for all the work areas you’re interested in.

1. WebGradients

It has never been easier to use beautiful background gradients in your UI projects. Especially that you can choose from a list of 180 free, linear samples. You will definitely find something for yourself and every website you work on. All you need to do is click on Copy CSS or Get .PNG.

2. unDraw

70+ and counting excellent SVG images for free. Select a color related to your project KV and choose the desired picture. All the graphics are in a high quality and up to date with the design trends. You can use them for your website projects, social media, blog posts and wherever you need a cool illustration. Click on the preferred image and decide if you want it in SVG or PNG. MIT license allows you to use it for both personal and commercial projects.

3. Bootstrap.build

Looking to automate the way you design bootstrap themes? Check this app. The list of components guarantees easy and productive work. Modify the variables, customize the themes and export to SCSS or CSS.

4. Landing Pages by Viral Loops

Referral campaigns usually require a dedicated landing page. Viral Loops lets you save loads of time on designing a well-performing landing page. You don’t have to worry about coding. Customize given templates, integrate your landing page with analytics tool and wait for prospects.

5. A Screen Design Tool by Framer

Framer delivers many useful solutions for designers. The newest one, Screen Design Tool allows users to create extremely helpful responsive designs. Style, customize and download production-ready projects in minutes.

6. Futuramo Visual Tickets

How often developers drive you nuts when they cannot turn your pixel-perfect, insanely creative projects into a well-working and good-looking website? Now you can show them exactly what’s wrong and report every bug without losing hours on describing details. All you need to do is to take a quick screenshot, upload it to the ticket window, annotate directly on the image and assign to a chosen coworker. An important bridge between projects design and development.

7. Design Principles

An open source knowledge base of design rules and examples. Grow as professional and take advantages of your peers’ experience when making decisions regarding UX and product development. With 135 examples, 1040 design principles and 115 creators involved it should be a huge support for you and your team.

8. Flawless 2.0

You can’t stand when you see all these shortcomings in the implemented design? With Flawless, you can easily compare projects in production to the wireframes. Just upload a file, choose comparison mode and check differences. The app can be integrated into your iOS simulator and doesn’t require additional setups.

9. Imaginators

Sometimes you need a new way to present your ideas, portfolio or projects you’re working on. Here comes Imaginators. The app allows you to build an interactive presentation by dragging and dropping chosen elements. Customize the design and highlight your pros!

10. Design Systems Handbook by DesignBetter.Co

Keeping everyone on the same page is paramount to the product development. Guys from DesignBetter.Co share their knowledge and experience on how to build efficient and problem-solving design system.

11. Futuramo Icons

Are you able to sum up all these hours you spent on customizing icons for your UX/UI projects? With Futuramo Icons, you can easily personalize entire icon sets accordingly to your visual identity. The PRO version offers 2900+ icons in 16 styles. Play with the styles, colors, frames, and borders. When your work is ready, download icons or the entire icon sets in desired formats.

12. Avataaars Generator

Not feeling OK with sharing your headshots on different accounts? Or maybe you need to build more realistic buying personas? Whatever you are working on, with this app you can quickly create cool avatars. Choose from the suggested attributes until you get the avatar you want.

13. The Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer

Is your landing page as good as you think? Don’t assume anything. With the latest app from Unbounce, your landing page can be tested in 9 categories. From industry performance through mobile responsiveness, security, page performance, conversion centered design, message match, copy analysis, SEO to social open graph tags. Make use of Unbounce’s benchmarks and optimize your page.

14. FlowMapp

Delivering a high-quality UX project requires excellent planning. You can equip yourself with the best features to outline design and development thanks to FlowMapp. Create intuitive sitemaps so everyone on your team can see workflows at a glance.

15. Shortcuts.design

How often do you think about gaining some extra hours for your creative works? When every minute counts and you’re switching between the apps, useful keyboard shortcuts will help you boost your productivity and work faster. Great thanks to Michel van Heest for gathering them all on Shortcuts.design. If you use Sketch, Principle,  InVision, Figma, or tools form the Adobe family, you should check it out.

16. Froala Design Blocks

Your team will love you for sharing this. 170+ responsive design blocks for every web or mobile projects. Now you get access to free packages of design layouts in 10 categories. All of them are based on the Bootstrap Library. What to expect? Some interesting proposition for CTA, Forms, Pricing, Testimonials, and more.

17. Base UI Sketch Framework

When you are trying to find the best idea to build an interesting and effective website, design thinking could be a rescue. If you’re a Sketch designer, you can make use of Base UI Sketch Framework. With over 180+ screens and several templates, you can manage your projects from ideation to prototyping smoothly.

18. Crello

Every designer working with a marketing team knows this pain – marketers ask for cool graphics all the time. Simple yet eye-catching graphics are needed for social media, newsletters or blog articles. The team behind Crello has released a tool that will help you get the job done even faster. Or you can just show your colleagues how it works so anyone can do it. The workflow is simple. First, select a template from the 31 categories (Facebook ads, email header, animated post, etc.). Then customize it and download for free.

19. Canva Color Wiki

Canva’s latest app lets you learn more about the colors you use in your projects. You can use it for inspiration and come across beautiful solutions for your designs. Use it to create gorgeous stuff.

20. Craftwork Marketplace

Sometimes you just don’t have time for crafting pixel-perfect, unique design elements. Good news is that you can search for them on Craftwork Marketplace. It depends on your needs but you can choose from dozens of UI Kits, landings, mockups, wireframes etc. Also, check the page for some freebies.

21. Material Design Kit

It’s another useful library of UI components and app templates for Android. Take advantage of ready-to-use elements, high-quality files, and valuable guidelines.

22. Case Study Club 2.0

Learning from previous experience is great. But it’s also helpful to expand your knowledge by researching on other professionals’ accomplishments and ideas. Design community members are opened to share their stories and projects. Case Study Club is a great place to find interesting and inspiring examples.

23. Really Good UX

Research and benchmark are essential before you start designing your projects. You can be frustrated when you have to create a new account on a chosen app to check the onboarding process. Luckily, Really Good UX is here to help you analyze popular apps without signing in.

Fortunately, more and more apps (as proved by Product Hunt) are launched daily to help us automate some parts of the process. Know of other interesting design apps not mentioned here? Share it with us, and we’ll add it to the list.

If you are interested in getting to know more apps, you can check out our article about tools and resources that empower cross-team collaboration.

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