Export data from Futuramo Time Tracker to CSV

Futuramo Time Tracker export scv

From now on you can export your timesheets and insights from Futuramo Time Tracker to CSV!

Time recording value is especially noticeable when you are analyzing your workflows. New Futuramo Time Tracker feature – EXPORT CSV allows you to take advantage of your records in any needed way. Try it out without delay!

After logging to your account you will see the EXPORT CSV button next to the Search Box and the EDIT button on the Toolbar. Click the button and check your downloads folder on your desktop.

Futuramo TIme Tracker csv export

New feature completes advanced statistics of Futuramo Time Tracker. You gain multiple possibilities to make use of your timesheets. Exporting data from the app makes it easier to use them for different purposes like attaching time reports to the general reports about projects or billings.

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Guest posting — Write for us

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Introducing the all-new Futuramo website!
new futuramo website

Introducing the all-new Futuramo website!

The new Futuramo

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