Fascinating times at Futuramo

We are dedicated to continuously improving Futuramo Icons, adding features, adding icons (drinking coffee, late nights, not sleeping… you get the idea) and are on the right track to creating the best ever icon resource for professionals!

Many thanks for all of the great feedback we received from you! Please keep sending feature requests and ideas.

We wanted to share some exciting insights with you:

  1. Since launching as beta several weeks ago, there have been over 100 (yes, that’s right) updates to Futuramo apps. An incredible amount.
  2. Features – check out the updated swatches, such as handling delete in a better way.
  3. Enhanced usability – we’re continuing to optimize based on your feedback.
  4. Performance related improvements such as faster scrolling not that we were slow or anything. 😉 )
  5. Icons, icons, icons! There are 1100 icons in 16 styles (17000+ icons!) in the system right now! (1500+ more than just a few weeks ago at the launch).
  6. Nominations! Futuramo Icons was nominated for a number of prestigious awards! (Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, The Best Designs, CSS Winner, CSS Awards, CSS Based).
  7. Our icons app is being mentioned and tweeted by pro designers, developers and resources around the world. Big shout out to all of you, thanks for spreading the word – we love ya!

More to come soon 🙂

Oh, and if you’re into up-voting 😉 visit our newest nomination at AWWWARDS and vote for us! 🙂 The clock is ticking…

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Futuramo wins Honorable Mention at Awwwards
futuramo mention awwwards

Futuramo wins Honorable Mention at Awwwards

We would like to share some excellent news with you

300+ new user interface icons
user interface icons

300+ new user interface icons

Since last week we've created 300+ new beauties (21 ui icons in 16 styles)

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