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There is so much promise on Instagram for businesses today, courtesy of the millions of users on the platform. Companies that are looking to reach their target market should try out Instagram. Setting up an account is easy, and thanks to its popularity, there are growth services that help accounts get daily free Instagram followers. Whether you want to market your restaurant with food photos or share pictures of your Airbnb to get more guests, Instagram is one of the best platforms to be on. The following are some of the reasons why we vouch for this social media app:

1. Creates Trust

If you set up your business on Instagram and it gets verified, you will likely garner the trust of those who follow you. Having an account that is verified leaves your clients feeling like they can trust you as they are confident that the posts on your site are legit, whether it is a discount, promotion, or any other announcement regarding the brand. Given the millions of active users on the platform and if your business is popular enough, your business will likely already have an impersonator. Therefore, it is essential for your business to have a verified Instagram account.

2. Drive People Back to Your Site

Most business owners use Instagram to drive people back to their websites. Even if you don’t own a website, you can still use the platform to showcase all your products. It is always a good idea to leave a link to your website since the platform has an array of prospective clients, so if they find your account, it’s a great way to increase traffic to your site. 

Instagram also has a social dashboard that lets you post the same message on your Instagram to other accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook. This is especially handy if your business is growing and you don’t have the time to keep posting on other social media sites, giving you more time to focus on your business.

3. Instagram Shop

There are features that Instagram recently adopted that are business-friendly. For example, it allows businesses to add product tags to their posts. Tapping on the photo will enable you to visit the product catalog featured on the post. When you click on the image, a “shop” feature appears on Instagram. It also comes with a call-to-action button on the website. This helps buyers shop for the exact product in your Instagram posts. Your business also helps generate sales and clicks, courtesy of simply posting on the site.   

4. Brand Augmentation 

Having visual content is an excellent opportunity to decide how you want to portray your brand visually. This means the photos and videos you post should give off a certain vibe or feel. There are several filters you can use on the platform and other countless ways to edit your photos. This will give them uniformity and evoke a certain mood or feeling in the audience. This is something you don’t get on most other social media sites. Twitter goes for typed-out texts, and Facebook doesn’t quite visually compare to what Instagram offers. 

5. Use It to Create Content for Other Sites

Visual content is not just popular on Instagram. You can use the platform to create content for your other sites. Instagram allows you to create great content and download it to save it on your phone. If you want to take a picture using the Instagram camera function, keep your phone on airplane mode so that the image goes to your camera roll. This allows you to save them for later use, even on other platforms. The wide array of filters and photo editing features are also fantastic for finessing your image quality.

6. Conversion Rates

Direct sales aren’t always why businesses join social media sites, but if you can get high conversion rates, then they are great bonuses in terms of sales and profits. There is a 1.08% that visitors to your site will be interested in your business and click on it, according to Shopify. 

For every 100 people that visit your site, one will make a purchase. If you are new to the business, this conversion does not seem like a lot, but it is actually in the top five. So if you have an Instagram account with tens of thousands of followers, these numbers can quickly add up and increase your sales significantly. This is why every company should have an Instagram account and purpose to make it grow.      

7. It Gets the Hours

Instagram is one of the most visited social media sites daily. According to comScore, users on the internet spend about 12 billion minutes a month on the platform. It is ranked second to Facebook, which has 230 billion minutes monthly. If you want to grow your business and get in on these minutes, setting up an Instagram account is the first step in ensuring this and getting you through the door. If you put a little time and effort into your channel and bring it to grow, you could capture your niche and dominate in your field. It would be a waste for any business to not utilize this golden opportunity.

8. Clients and Customers Expect You to Be on the Platform

Because of the platform’s popularity, the clients you already have will be expecting you on the platform. Instagram might recommend your competition if your account does not exist on the platform. It is advisable to have an account at least, even if you won’t be posting much on it. Having an account will undoubtedly instill a string of confidence in anyone interested in your business. Set up an account, leave your contact information and business name on the card, and post photos or videos to showcase your brand. 


Instagram has many other benefits, like attracting talent and networking. In this age of social media, there is also experimentation and new trends as people are still figuring out what works for their businesses and what doesn’t. Therefore, try various strategies and organic growth tactics to increase your followers and engagement. Instagram has proven to do well for many companies in many of the niches we have today, so give it a try and see how it will serve you.

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