How to be more productive today: 25 effective strategies

productive strategies

We all have dreams and aspirations, but it often happens that we do not reach our goals. What makes us set aside our dreams? The answer for most is all too common. It is a lack of our most valuable resource — time.

Does that sound familiar to you? Do not worry; this article will give you 25 useful tips to learn how to be more productive. So, are you ready to become a productive person?

First, when thinking about the ways to be more productive, you need to remember that productivity involves the use of a strategy that should be well thought out. To avoid getting stuck in non-productive work, develop your own strategy by choosing and combining the time management tips listed below that seem most appropriate for you.

Certainly, you know yourself best, so do not hesitate to improve on the plan presented in this article.

So, what are some good strategies for how to have a productive day? And how to have a productive life, in general? Even more important, how can you stay productive without harming your health? Let’s see!

1. Avoid checking social media more than twice a day

You probably know that communicating with other people on social networks may lead to procrastination, so stop checking your messages every few hours. Of course, this rule is not relevant for those who work and communicate with their clients via social media. But if your social media accounts are not connected to your work, it would be better to stop checking them so often.

2. Get up earlier if you want to know how to be more organized

get up earlier - productive strategies

If you get up later than you could, it is likely to decrease the number of hours that can be spent on something important. Do not lie in bed if you feel that you have had enough sleep. Get a grip on yourself, and get up immediately. If you usually don’t get up as soon as you have opened your eyes in the morning, just try it, and you will be surprised with your productivity!

3. Stop watching TV

This piece of advice may sound obvious, but it needs to be repeated. Many people know that watching TV significantly decreases their productivity at home, but they keep doing it every day! Just consider the following: Is there anything that is more interesting than living your own life and achieving your goals? As soon as you realize that watching TV is keeping you from your dreams, it will become easier for you to overcome this addiction.

4. Do not have an overloaded daily schedule

You may think that to unleash productivity you need to do as many things as you can. In fact, the definition of productivity does not involve simply doing everything possible. Instead, it is all about prioritizing your activities to accomplish the work that helps you reach your goals.

5. Need a trick on How to stay motivated? Listen to music!

It is common knowledge that music can influence our mood or even physical condition. Nobody can doubt this fact, so why not use this feature of music to complete productive work? If you feel that you have a lack of motivation, avoid listening to music that relaxes you. Instead, find something energetic and listen to it first thing in the morning or before doing something that requires a high degree of physical or mental activity. You will see the positive results immediately.

6. Avoid being engaged in something unless you understand what you need it for

Sometimes it happens to all of us; we start doing things just because we have no other alternative. Does that ever happen to you? If so, try to analyze everything that you are going to do. On the face of it, the activity you’re going to be involved in may seem to be necessary, but then it ends up being a waste of time. So, think twice before you act!

7. Get rid of the mess

stay productive - productive strategies

It shouldn’t be messy at your home or your work place if you want to become more productive. Do you have a messy desk? Mess and disorder at the place where you spend your time are very likely to lead to muddiness of your mind. Also, the latter is a factor that prevents you from being productive. Do not let a mess defeat your plans. Sort it out, and you will have a clearer understanding of your primary goal and the steps that you have to take to achieve it.

8. Spend an hour in the morning exercising

You have probably heard the opinion that life is impossible without motion. In fact, it is common knowledge that doing exercises in the morning helps you become more cheerful and inspires you. So, if you still do not follow this tip, it is time to start. Just start exercising in the morning, and you will be surprised at how it will affect your daily productivity.

9. Try to distract your attention from the thoughts that make you feel uncomfortable

Are you always worried about the future? If so, it is high time to realize that any compulsive ideas and fears may decrease your productivity and make your efforts purposeless.

What is the point in being terrified about your future if you can change it right now? Of course, unexpected events can happen, but it does not mean that you cannot do anything to improve your future. If you start doing something for your future right now, it will be far more productive than just sitting and worrying.

10. Do not focus on the mistakes that you have made in the past

There are a few time management tips that sound quite unusual, but this one is likely to be obvious, right? So why do people ignore this rule that can release them from these destructive ideas?

Please, keep this in mind: mistakes in the past can be a valuable experience but should not be the reason for a current bad attitude. Just learn from an unpleasant experience and keep going, and you will become productive like never before!

11. Keep a diary in order to have a productive day

If you want to be more organized, keeping a diary is the best solution for you! Nowadays, there are a lot of services available on the Internet to help you to record your thoughts and activities. If you still do not have your own online diary, try GoodNight Journal. It will help you achieve your goals and become more organized at work and home.

12. Do not keep waiting for the perfect circumstances

The perfect moment to do something will never come. So now is a good time to stop waiting for it. Keep in mind that time does not belong to you. It would be better to realize that all you have is here and now.

perfect circumstances productive strategies

So, what are you waiting for? Use the opportunities you have now and increase your productivity during the day!

13. Widen the range of your activities

Sometimes you may feel bored, and that may decrease your motivation. If you want to improve the situation, try doing something you have never done before, and it will help you find the nerve to accomplish the tasks you have been putting off.

14. Imagine the results of your work

From time to time, people may lack motivation because they focus on the task itself and forget about the goals they want to achieve. What can you do in this situation? Try to keep in mind what result you would like to get, and just continue working! Every time you feel unmotivated, think about the ultimate goal, and it will help you overcome any difficulties.

15. Analyze your activities

If you are reading this article, you want to know how to become more productive. The experience of many people shows that the best solutions for this problem involve an extensive review of everyday actions. To become more productive, you have to analyze everything you do from the point of its practical usefulness.

nalyze your activities & productive strategies

To put it in other words, ask yourself whether your activities help you come closer to your goal. Following this advice, you will be able to define which activities to pay more attention to, and which ones prevent you from reaching your goal. Consider this, and you will definitely increase your productivity!

16. Stop surfing the Web when you have to do something important

Have you ever noticed how much time you waste looking through numerous Web pages? Stop it, and you will become more productive than ever before!

17. Avoid using your mobile phone while working

It is not unusual to hear your phone ringing when you are busy working. Do not pick up the phone every time, and it will help you focus on the task at hand.

18. Visit the gym

What can be more important for your productivity than feeling healthy? Do not pass up the chance to be active and energetic—go to the gym and you will feel the difference!

19. Take vitamins

nuts productive strategies

It is very important to consume enough healthy food or take food supplements to be healthy and active. Use Vitamins Guide for reference.

20. Do not work all day long, take a few breaks

It is very important to consume enough healthy food or take food supplements to be healthy and active. Use Vitamins Guide for reference.

21. Motivate yourself to work harder

Buy something that you have always wanted to have, or eat something delicious when you feel you have worked hard. It may sound strange, but it really works!

22. Ask successful people for advice

What can help you more than other people’s experiences? Do not hesitate to ask them what they do to stay productive or just use these tips and lessons.

23. Stop communicating with people who consume your energy

You have probably noticed that there are people who talk to you and you feel energized afterward. However, some people produce the opposite effect. After talking to them, you may feel reduced to a pulp, and they make you feel that there’s no sense in anything at all. Sound familiar? If so, it would be better not to allow these people to drain your energy because you need it for being productive in life.

24. Watch motivational movies instead of comedies

Good motivational movies can increase your productivity and make your brain more active, so choose them more often.

25. Do not forget to use sticky notes

They can be helpful if you have to keep track of many details. If you want to keep your desktop tidier, use these applications.

Still wondering how to be more productive using these tips? As you see now, there are plenty of ways to increase productivity, and it would be a helpful experience for you to try them all and decide which of them seem to be the most effective. As it has been stated, a good strategy would include a combination of these methods. Also, you do not have to limit yourself to the ideas above. You can always use your imagination to invent something new based on these suggestions. For instance, you can try mixing them up to get a completely unique strategy.

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