Email Signature That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Email Signature That Will Actually Make Your Life Better
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An email signature is a great way to give your readers something that just bare essential information. You can use this to tell your viewers a story and connect with them. An email signature can make a positive impression and even help you with more clicks and sales. 

Here you will learn how you can create an attractive and useful email signature that will make your life better. 

1. What Makes a Great Email Signature?

A great email signature is one that gives your viewers something to remember you that’s beyond the business information. This can be achieved by adding images or audio to create an attractive design rather than just using text. 

A great email signature does the work and is visually pleasing and easy to read. There must be a clear visual hierarchy with proper use of white space. Try to limit yourself to 2-3 colors only to avoid complexity. 

The essential elements of an professional email signature are full name, job title, direct phone number, website URL, and social media icons. Other than these, some creative elements such as signature banner, image gallery, animated GIF, video thumbnail, leave a review link, a quote, etc can also be added. 

2. Make an Enticing Offer from Your Signature Block

You can directly offer from your business in the email signature. This is a great way to encourage your readers to click directly through to your website and read more about the offer. You can use this creatively and create a great look. If someone is actually interested in making a deal, they can easily contact you and express interest. 

Other than this, you can directly add pictures of merchandise to your email signature. With lesser space, you can add more offers with this choice. Interested viewers can click on the image link and visit the website.  

3. Make Your Signature Lively with Animation

Animation is a powerful technique to add depth to your story and life to your design. Motion visuals can share loads of information more than simple images can. Animation can be used creatively to show off your best, and make yourself look approachable and relatable. You can share the basic values of your brand. 

Use Motion to Express Brand Values- you can add motion and express the values that your brand shares. You can share values such as friendliness and an invitation to join. Such motion will make you different from others and you will look better in the eyes of your target audience. 

Stand Out with Moving Image- you can also stand out by using an animated live image of yourself in your email signature. A genuine smiling face will look more relatable and welcoming. It will tell the story about what you do. 

Just Show, Don’t tell- you can use a GIF image to show what you do rather than telling people with an image. This feature will make your work look alive and approachable. For instance, if you own a bakery, you can show a GIF of cooking. It will convince your viewers to try your delicious food. 

4. Show Your Talent with Creative Design

Here are a few things you can do to show your talent. 

Use Email Signature to Showcase Your Artistry- creative artistry can also be shown off using an email signature. You can create a noticeable element and add it to your signature. This can be used for your benefit in a beautiful and artistic way. 

Link Email Signature to Your Portfolio- you can also link your portfolio in the email signature. Not only it will look visually pleasing, but it will also work too. You can add a link to your Instagram page and create an aesthetically pleasing email signature. It will convince people to view more and engage with your content. 

5. Add Personal Touch with Handwritten Sign-off

Add handwritten sign-off to write special gestures like Kind Regards above your email signature. This will make you look more approachable and friendly. You can also add your own handwritten signature and add a personal touch to your signature. 

This is a cool design feature to leave a personal impression. It gives the readers a feeling that you personally signed this email and gave your viewers extra attention. It can increase the number of leads and you can gain a lot from this trick.

6. Make Email Signature Timely

You can use a handwritten signature and generate a timely message for your readers. For instance, you can add a holiday greeting and pair it up with holiday sales and offers. Also, you can add, Have a great weekend, etc. 

7. Make a Creative CTA button

A CTA button is a must in your email signature. In the end, you need to give your readers a cue and tell them what to do. To be creative, you can use a GIF banner and tell readers what to do. This will help them clearly understand what to do and even convince them to do so. 

You can add various ways of contact in your email signature. There can be a Zoom button or an extra option of setting up a meeting in person just below the CTA. It can encourage readers to choose what they are comfortable with. 

Create a simple CTA button that is easy to see and use. 

8. Extend Your Branding

Another cool feature of an email signature is that you can add more branded information such as brand slogan, offers, advertisements, event information, and much more. You can also add your brand’s animated logo and add life to your simple email signature. 

This feature can give your readers a taste of your brand. It will make you look professional and trustworthy.

9. Add Depth to Email Signature with a Video

Adding a video thumbnail to your email signature can make it even cooler. Add a video thumbnail and connect a link to a YouTube video. You can expose your readers to your content. You can convert a YouTube thumbnail into a nice GIF banner and grab attention. 

10. Add Social Media Buttons and Make a Personal Impression

Next, you can create an impression on your audience with social media icons. Add links to your personal Facebook, and Instagram accounts and be real with your readers. This will make you look more approachable. This will also make your business look individual and not a faceless corporation. 

Use can add creativity to the buttons which can generate more clicks and visits to social media accounts. This small change can create an amazing impact on your business. 

11. Show Commitment to Protect Environment 

Everyone is aware of the pitiful condition of the environment today. Every step or initiative to protect the environment is widely appreciated. You can touch people emotionally by targeting this area. 

Add a green footer to discourage printing. This is a creative way of putting your values infront of the readers. This will represent your values along with your business. People will also feel secure with your brand. 

12. Allow Viewers to Hear

Moving further, the next thing to be done to create an extraordinary email signature is to make your readers hear. You can give your readers the chance to listen to your content or music right from the email signature. You can add access to Spotify, and Apple Music as social media icons. This will give you the chance to maximize your ability to expose your music to a different base of audience. 

13. Use Visual Hierarchy

You can make creative use of size and color to create a visual hierarchy. Make the important text or element bigger and give it contrast against the less important elements. You can also use line dividers or background colors to share information in a better way. 

Use contrasting colors to make certain elements stand out from the rest. It will make your text easy to read and understand. The eyes of viewers will naturally reach the more important elements and not wander elsewhere. 

14. Use Negative Space to Create a Simple Look

Using negative space can complement hierarchy. This gives a sense of simplicity, order, and calm to your email signature. With lesser content and more white space, you can create an attractive and focused design. Compressing loads of details in such a small space will scare off your readers instead. 

Eyes usually focus on details that are simple with high contrast. You can use this technique and increase the memorability of your name and logo design. Also, this will bring a sense of calmness, order, and professionalism. 

15. Stick to a Simple Email Signature Design

A simple yet creative design is the best choice to go with for your email signature. Too much content will only drive away attention from important elements. So, it is better to provide only enough information on the plate.

With so many details, it becomes quite easy to commit mistakes and go wrong. So, use lesser elements and be correct. 

Designhill email signature is a great example of a simple yet stunning email signature. You can take inspiration from such examples and create a great email signature for your brand too.

The content published on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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