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Relativity of Time by Futuramo

Today, Relativity of Time features on Product Hunt! If you’re a part of the Product Hunt community, join us!

Futuramo’s Relativity of Time brings to life one of the most exciting adventures that we all dreamed of. Set out on a fascinating, interactive journey and learn what humans could do in 1 minute, hour, month or year have changed over the ages.

Have you ever wondered how long it took to portion a mammoth? And how long you and your family could live on one? In a few slides, you will get to know how our ancestors made use of their minutes, hours, weeks and days.

Relativity of Time by Futuramo

Relativity of Time by Futuramo

And that’s just the beginning. Relative of Time takes you on a thought-provoking road trip through the ages, letting you discover how much time it took to produce 500 stone blocks for a pyramid, build the Colosseum, comprehend the Copernicus theory, or travel 600 miles per hour. You will start your travel with mammoth hunters 10 000 and finish with modern construction workers.

Pick 30 berries - Relativity of Time by FuturamoHunt a mammoth - Relativity of Time by FuturamoPortion a mammoth - Relativity of Time by FuturamoEat a Mammoth - Relativity of Time by FuturamoVisit Relativity of Time for more stories

By collecting interesting trivia facts and arranging them in a narrative storytelling, Relativity of Time presents a humorous, fresh take on the Einstein’s theory of relativity, proving that human understanding of time is constantly changing and has dramatically changed through the ages.

Because time matters

Today every minute counts but, ironically, we’re reluctant to count it. We’ve created Relativity of Time to illustrate how much time people needed previously to fulfill their regular duties and perform various everyday activities. In a funny yet interesting way, we tried to say: look, our great, great, great (…) grandfathers needed just 24 hours to portion a mammoth, and what kind of epic things you are going to do with yours?

Relativity of Time is a new application landing page developed and released 2 years after the successful History of Icons – a single page interactive site about the history of computer icons. Relativity of Time is for us an opportunity to let the world know about Futuramo Time Tracker, a brand new web application to track, measure and analyze time.

After seeing Relativity of Time, your perception of time may never be the same. Brace yourself for an interactive journey through time!



Updated on 14/09/2017

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