Redesigned taskbar and new Futuramo apps are here!

new Futuramo apps - projects and contacts

You have just gained two new Futuramo collaboration apps that allow you to get your job done even faster and smarter.

Projects and Contacts appeared in your toolkit gently. But the impact, these two are going to make, won’t remain unnoticed. In conjunction with a new, beautiful taskbar, the apps provide new possibilities for managing your organizations.

New taskbar — more intuitive navigation

Moving between your apps and features has never been easier. Futuramo taskbar works super-fast and lets you navigate between your organizations and move from one app to another. Hover to the top of the page to see how it works.

Futuramo apps and taskbar

Your apps are listed on the left side, next to your organization’s avatar. From this place, you can also upgrade your toolkit by selecting +ADD LICENSES. The right side of the taskbar belongs to the Contacts app and My Futuramo (settings manager).

Futuramo Projects — a new project assistant

In the taskbar, first from the list of your apps shines the Projects app.

Here you can find all the projects created in your organization. The app will help you manage essential records of the entire Futuramo platform. Futuramo Projects is your new, administrative app — we moved here all the data used in others apps and previously created in the organization panel.

Futuramo Projects

The left menu allows you to navigate between your projects and clients. Adding new projects and clients takes seconds.

  1. Click +NEW PROJECT/CLIENT at the top of the app
  2. Fill in necessary project details: project name, client, description, status
  3. Click SAVE & CLOSE

You can always edit your projects and clients information. Simply choose a project or a client and click the EDIT button to open the editing mode.

Futuramo Projects panel

Here you can also easily assign users to projects. Click the Edit button and:

  1. Choose ASSIGNED USERS (next to the DETAILS)
  2. At the top of the app, click the ASSIGN USER button
  3. A slide out panel will appear on the right side. Choose selected users or click ASSIGN ALL

Futuramo Contacts — all business contacts in one place

In the right corner of the taskbar, next to My Futuramo, you will find Futuramo Contacts. Build your own business network by adding business partners, clients and anyone needed to the book.

Click +NEW CONTACT to open the contacts form – decide how precisely you will describe a chosen person.

Futuramo Contacts - new Futuramo apps

Additional feature — Labels — allows you to categorize and gather contacts automatically. Label feature is available in the right menu, below MY CONTACTS. Create your own categories, add info and determine colors. Use labels when editing your contacts by clicking LABEL at the top of the app.

Futuramo Projects and Futuramo Contacts are valuable assets of the Futuramo platform. Along with the fast-moving taskbar, new Futuramo apps make your admin job time-efficient. Future development of the apps is based on your feedback — the Futuramo team will be glad to receive some from you! Feel free to send it at

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