Futuramo Tasks – we’re out of beta!

futuramo tasks out of beta

Futuramo Tasks is now out of beta. Check out what has changed and how you can use it for your task management and working routine.

The Futuramo Tasks app is publicly available for everyone.

Now, new users signing up to Futuramo get Futuramo Tasks absolutely free. No coupon required and no additional moves to take.

Good news for our existing user — Futuramo Tasks will be free for a team up to 3 people. This means you can invite 2 more people to join you on Tasks and share with them your tasks and projects.

futuramo tasks out of beta

Much-improved task view

Your feedback encouraged us to improve the readability of the task view. When creating a new task, you can see a simple and clear structure. From a task name, through a description and checklist to attachments — all the requirements to create and share easy to understand tasks. What appeared to be a hard to explain duty now can be divided into comprehensible parts.

According to your input, sharing attachments helps to speed up getting from planning to execution. Now the attachments are visible in the task window without additional steps. You can easily drag and drop, paste by Ctrl+V or just click on the upload button and add chosen files.

The latest updates make it faster for you to create readable tasks. But the difference is especially valuable for your colleagues. Work is much easier when your duties are well-explained in a user-friendly way.

Projects Progress and Stages

Futuramo Apps are designed to work perfectly together. While working on multiple projects you can notice how the apps complement each other. The latest feature — Stages — allow you to assign created tasks to a chosen part of the project.

You make the workflow very clear by determining stages for tasks — everybody knows to which part of the project belongs and how their work influences the entire project. Every team member can follow project development in Projects Progress. This feature of Futuramo Projects shows how the project execution looks.

By completing tasks assigned to particular stages, you move the project forward. These make Stages and Project Progress one of the most important features of the entire Futuramo experience.

Get to know the latest updates by testing every feature. Feel free to invite new users to your organization and get better results by sharing work.

We care about your feedback. Thanks to your input we can focus on the most wanted features. Let us know your thoughts about the latest improvements.

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