Inviting users to your Organization
Dec 14
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Inviting users to your Organization

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Since the latest Futuramo apps — Visual Tickets and Time Tracker — are free for up to 3 users, you have a pretty good reason to start inviting your friends, colleagues, team members or clients to Futuramo.

Make Futuramo a home for your amazing projects and a place where collaboration thrives. Invite more people and start using collaboration apps such as Visual Tickets to the fullest.

Getting started

As soon as you’ve signed up for your Futuramo account, you’ll want to invite your team members to join your Organization.

As an Administrator of your Organization, you can invite new members/users and assign them licenses. Great news, Visual Tickets and Time Tracker are free for up to 3 users so you can distribute free licenses and start working with your team of 3 for free.

Inviting new users to your Organization

To invite 2 new members to your Organization on Futuramo:
1. Sign in to your Futuramo account. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here.
2. Enter your Organization by clicking your Organization’s logo from My Futuramo dashboard.


Note: you can always hover over your avatar (the right upper side of the app) to reveal the taskbar with the shortcuts to the key locations on Futuramo. You’ll find there a logo of your Organization. Click it and go straight to your Organization’s dashboard.


3. Click the Users square box from the Organization’s dashboard.


You can also access the Users section from the left menu.


4. Click Invite users tab located in the toolbar on the upper side of the app.


5. A slide out panel will appear on the right side. Enter an email address of a person you’d like to invite first. Click +.


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