How to improve your and your team’s performance with Time Tracker
Jan 26
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How to improve your and your team’s performance with Time Tracker

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Getting the job done requires skills, a goal-oriented attitude, and helpful tools. Skills and mindset development demands a long-term progress and a day-to-day practice. It takes time and it’s highly difficult to obtain overnight. Thankfully, powerful time tracking apps improve work efficiency since the day one.

Get to know Futuramo Time Tracker. Simple in use and labour-saving companion. Create a free account and make yourself familiar with this intuitive UX. Invite coworkers (you can add two users for free) – follow this 5-step guide how to do that. Try out all the features described below on your own.

Time Tracker And Making Your Job More Efficient

Time Tracker meets an essential need of every professional – no matter if you are a product manager, freelancer, c-level manager or an intern – the desire to get the most out of your working hours. How to manage your precious time in a productive way? By measurement, analyzing and drawing conclusions. That’s simple. With Time Tracker even more.

Time Tracker in use

Futuramo Time Tracker

Features to use and love:

Dashboard – the control panel of the entire app. Allows users to quickly manage their settings and move from clients and projects to tracking and statistics.

Manual Time Recording– powerful in its simplicity. Helps with focusing on the subject without needless distractors. Contains three categories: client and project to select from previously determined and a task to name. Users can easily edit start and end time if they forgot to press the right button and the work is in the progress.

Filters Panel – two ways of filtering tracked projects are available here. The first one – by date range. The second one – by clients and projects. Extremely helpful when you are in a hurry.

Visual Analytics – user-friendly statistics to analyze time performance by clients, projects, users, dates, and projects status. A key to future planning and tasks assignment. A motivational tool to improve own results.

Integration – easy access to your data (clients and projects) in other apps on the Futuramo Cloud Platform (Futuramo Visual Tickets and Futuramo Icons).

As we know, practice makes perfect. Let’s track time of a chosen activity. If you haven’t created your account yet, this is the best time to do so.

4-Step Guide to Create and Track Your First Task

1. Sign in to your account

After signing in you will see My Futuramo Dashboard. At first, there will be 0 projects and 0 clients. We will focus on changing it in the next step. My Timetracker is the core of the app. Check statistics allows you to analyze all tracked activities with extra filters. So, let’s get to work and create some tasks!

2. Create new Clients and Projects

Creating Clients and Projects within Futuramo is really straightforward. You can access both, Clients and Projects sections from the left menu in your Organization. Start with Clients. Just click +NEW CLIENT, fill in details in Client profile and that’s it – you just created a new client. 

Record time with Time Tracker

Create new clients

When your Clients are prepared, add some Projects. Go to Projects through the left menu and click +NEW PROJECT in the toolbar. Enter the Project name, select Client and Status (Closed, Opened, On Hold). You can add some valuable client information in the description field, so you have all at hand during your working together.

Track projects with Time Tracker

Create new projects

3. Track your first task

You are ready to let the clock ticking! Choose Time Tracking on the left menu.

Tack your tasks with Time Tracker

Track your first task

This intuitive panel allows you to measure every project performance. Select client and project, name the task and use play button. Decide when to stop or add another one. The app works in the background. To gain the most out of the Time Tracker analytics make sure that you are honest with yourself when it comes to using play, pause and stop buttons.

4. Analyze statistics and draw conclusions

The statistics page is the most insightful part of the entire app. The chart shows how the things stand. Make a use of a suite of filters (client, project, user, date, task, project status) to select needed data.

Time Tracker Analytics

Analyze the way you work and improve your planning

After some time you will get valuable feedback. You will better understand your way of getting the job done and you’ll be more aware in planning next tasks. If you are a freelancer, you will know how many projects you are able to engage in. As a team leader, you will be more efficient in sharing responsibilities within your team. Forget estimating and guessing – task planning influences on your entire workflow.

Keep in mind to challenge yourself. Beat the clock – there’s always a room for improvement.

Life-hacking Tip From an Experienced User

It’s final time to give you something extra. Time Tracker is addictive. In a few weeks, your sheet will be full of previously recorded activities. Even if starting a new one is easy you may shorten this process by using this highlighted button.

How to automate tasks tracking with Time Tracker

Automate time tracking

Hover over the chosen task. Click on the icon and tracking will start automatically.

As well as in design, work effectiveness relies on simple solutions. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find this simplicity. Time tracking is the first thing to do when working on efficiency. Getting to know yourself, your team and time performance helps with understanding details which are essential to make improvement.


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